The 1st Round of Cuts

Well by midnight tonight, our roster of 88 will be down to 65. Who would you cut and who would you keep?

Teams will have to reduce to 65 players,excluding players on injured list and non-counters, such as 2013 CFL draft choices. Hamilton won't have to reduce from 88 to 65. Presently,based on 88, they have 13 non-counters. They will have to reduce no less than 10 players or from 75 to 65. They could always add some non-counters to the minimum of 10.


One player I would be extremely disappointed to see let go would be LT Joel Figueroa, he was our best O-lineman against Montreal. Playing almost the entire game, getting first team reps, he was never beat by his man a single time, the only time I seen a player get by him was on a screen to the running back(which is by design) and on that play he blew up the DT trying to chase down the ball carrier from behind. I have never seen an O-lineman as athletic as Joel is, he is also very versatile, playing Tackle and Guard over his college career.

I believe if we let him go it will be a huge mistake, he looks like one of those can't miss players every team searches for. But I might be bias as I am a huge Miami Hurricanes fan and have watched Joel play all through college and a big part of me wants him to succeed here with us. Now with that being said I would encourage anyone who still has the game recorded to go back and watch for your self. Joel was not only outstanding in our first preseason game he has been one of the best O-lineman all training camp(At least the practices I've seen) I can't wait to see how he does in the second preseason game.

the following players have been released today..

IMP K/P Delbert Alvarado
IMP RB Donte Harden
IMP DB Rico Murray
IMP DB Terrance Parks
IMP DB Maurice Rolle

no real surprises there, although the Cats may be wise to keep Alvarado on the speed dial as insurance.
He could have a future in the CFL if camp performances are any indication.

Not surprised be any of these except for Parks. Thought he was having a good camp. Drew Edwards speculates that it might be something to do with injury & he may be brought back.

These cuts were easy ... Tough ones are to come ... I'm sure there'll be a surprise or two.

My "dead pool" pick ... Biggest "name" release ... Dave Stala.

The surprise, to me, was the number of cuts as I was expecting about 10. With the roster now listing 83, they must have 18 non-counters.

The Hamilton Tiger-Cats announced a series of transactions today.

The following players have been released:

IMP OL David Gonzales
NIP OL Jason Medeiros
NIP FB Daryl Stephenson

The following players have been suspended:

IMP DT Torrey Davis
IMP OL Marc Dile

The following players have retired:

NIP FB Isaac Dell

NIP FB Daryl Stephenson
really? loved what he brought to the team last year

What did you love the most?
His 2 rushes or his 6 catches??
Just kidding...He will probably catch on elsewhere as ST and depth.

Of more significance is the 2 player suspensions. Those dudes were going to be starters IMO.

The Davis and Dile suspensions are strange. Maybe they were placed on that list so they could be kept around while the team looked at other kids during the second preseason game? However, this should make the "Dile Haters" happy.

Word is the suspensions are just roster shuffling.
they will not play this week but will be reinstated.

A little surprised at Jason Medeiros getting cut. However given his local location, part of me thinks that he might get a call back after the Ottawa dispersal draft.

Yeah Dile and Davis are roster shuffling .

Guys like Singeltary , Marshall , Obiora, Scott uand Figueroa, Ingersoll will get a lomger look in WPG

i think the ones msot likely to go next are :


PEACH AND Boudreau need big games to keep up .

looks like Hobbs may be taking a staring CB role ?

well that certainly has my spokian eyebrow raised. I'd love to get some clarification on what that was all about. I thought Davis showed well in the Montreal game....hmmmm

[quote="gerbear9"]Yeah Dile and Davis are roster shuffling .

Guys like Singeltary , Marshall , Obiora, Scott uand Figueroa, Ingersoll will get a lomger look in WPG

8) Ahh, "gerbear9", that next game is not in WPG, it is in Guelph (Hamilton) !!! Whatever !!! :lol:

According to Drew Edwards, Marc Dile and starting defensive tackle Torrey Davis, who were placed on the suspended list this morning, are looking after "personal business" and will return.

I'm guessing that the 9 o'clock Monday morning announcement of cuts, suspensions and a retirement are, at least in part, related to not being able to find and inform certain players of actions affecting them prior to the midnight Sunday deadline for cutting down to 65 + non-counters. The 18 non-counter total, which I mentioned earlier in this thread, just didn't seem right.
I think the Stephenson, Medeiros and Gonzales moves are for real, the suspensions aren't, and the retirement is perhaps not for life.