The 1999 Hamilton Tiger-Cats

The 1999 team is briefing the 2019 team on how to enjoy the Grey Cup parade. ;D

I don’t post much but just had to mention this co-incidence. Paul Osbaldiston & I were born in the same town in England: Oldham, Lancashire. My family immigrated to Hamilton in 1948 & that’s where I grew up & went to school. Sure wish I lived in Hamilton now so I could get to a game once in a while.

Nice! Are you willing to tell us where you live now?

Go Owls. (not Sheffield Wednesday who are also owls.)

Who, who?! :slight_smile:

Delta maybe?

Wow - small world!

I’ve lived in London, ON for the past 2 years but don’t fancy the drive after a 7:00 pm game. Prior to that I lived in Creemore & managed to get down for a couple of games but it gets expensive to stay in a hotel. :frowning:

I watched that amazing '99 GC again, and was surprised to see how much our D manhandled Dave Dickenson. I’m just curious - would any of those QB hits have been penalized if they were made in 2019? A few seemed a little late.

Liking the way coach O mentally prepares this team! This briefing is pure class and things like a video at training camp showing what it means to be a ticat player ! Cool
T shirts that say “smarter, faster, more physical “

I usually pay more attention to defence than I do to offence, so 42 stands out over the others for me.

But. . . the relatively obscure one I remember is Jarrett Smith. I used to know his father; worked with him a few summers. . . met Jarrett once or twice when he was a little boy.

God I’m getting old. . .

Imagine Hitchcock today…

Rider fans would need to be committed.

Interesting how much the position of safety has changed…

The 1999 Grey Cup was special to me as a 15 year old. My dad was a long time season seat holder and this would turn out to be the only Grey Cup victory we would enjoy together as he passed away in 2002. I will be taking my 2 year old to his first game tonight, it will be a special night for us

They do anyway… :o



Hitch hit like no other. I think in today’s game he would have been flagged a lot.

He was the Simoni of his day, but back then, defenders were not only allowed to hit, but they were expected to hit and make “bone jarring tackles?. I guess there is the argument of whether that was a “good? thing.

I seriously doubt that Hitchcock would be allowed to play like that to-day, he’d be fined or suspended virtually every game.

Agree. The game has changed. If he played today’ style of game back then he would have been out of a job.