The 16 greatest CFL uniforms of all-time

Interesting article on the Site.

I have to agree with his conclusions...

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Ticats were decades ahead of their time. We always had black as a dominant colour of our uniforms. Then the Raiders became cool sometime in the 1980s, and it seems like every team in pro sports decided they needed black uniforms too so they could sell merch to teenagers. Some of them still look bizarre to me, e.g. when the Calgary Stampeders do it. Black is simply not one of their team colours, and they shouldn't pretend it is.

We don't have to pretend. We're the black & gold.

I agree that making black a major part of a football uniform looks pretty contrived and weak if it was never part of the team's history. But Hamilton isn't the only team with a long-standing tradition of black. Ottawa had black sweaters for many years, including the 1960s and 70s when Russ Jackson and Tom Clements and Tony Gabriel led them to Grey Cup wins. BC had black sweaters too for many years. Saskatchewan and Calgary featuring black just looked dumb to me. I'm glad they've gone away from that in the new uniforms and returned to their green and white or red and white look.

Good point. I forgot about Ottawa. And I didn't realize BC ever had black sweaters, even in the pre-Raiders days.

The new Stampeders' uniform actually features black fairly prominently.

(ps. i like them quite a bit)

Fantastic article it just proves what we Tiger - Cats fans have known for years we have the COOLEST jerseys in football!!!!!! :rockin:

I remember years ago, when I was doing a training course in downtown Toronto, walking into a sports merchandise store during a lunch hour, looking about, when the owner approached to assist. He asked what my team was and I told him the Tiger cats. He told me that of all the teams and leagues whose jerseys he sells, the black and gold was among his most popular.