The 13th man

So... sask got called again in their game against montreal.. cost them the game almost. haha.

but the next night.. the bombers also got called for too many men. i beleive they had 14 tho.

so.. what am i wonderin is who is actually responsible for last years sask too many men call.

candidates are.. ken miller,kavis reed,gary etchevery.

i exclude lapo cuz he's offensive coord last season and was up in the booth GOING APE CRAPS.

my guess.. brendan taman.

but... for serial, im thinkin it was kavis reed.

It's the players, not the coaches according to Scott Schultz. From Rod Pedersen's column at

“It’s not as uncommon as you’d think but it’s been highlighted in two extreme cases," former popular Rider DT Scott Schultz told me on my talkshow on Friday. "It just boils down to personal responsibility of the players. It’s your job to know what package is going in, and to get the calls. Everyone is told to communicate with each other, get the signals and echo the call within each other. It’s just about everyone personally being responsible for where they’re supposed to be on the field at any given time.?

So to be specific, it's up to the people on the field, not on the sidelines?

“It’s up to the players, certainly," Schultz confirmed. "I mean the coaches outline it for you but they’re the coaches because they’re not out there playing. So they lay out the best plans that they can but it doesn’t amount to a hill of beans if you don’t have consistency and have it implemented amongst your players.?

I tend to agree.

after reading the quotes there.. i would tend to agree also. thanks for the info man or woman i guess :slight_smile: