The 13th Man in Guelph.

Tiger-Cat fans even though we are playing in our temporary home in Guelph ay Alumni Stadium for the Game SAturday between the Cats and Riders we need lots of Noise to pump up the Defense and throw the Riders QB off if it’s Durant playing or not?

Obviously the home crowd in Mosiac Stadium last week in Regina had a huge advantage because of crowd size of 30,000 compared to Guelph at 13,000 but still in a tight environment with lots of noise from the fans we can certainly help our team along and be the 13th man. Bring Horns, drums, noise makers and loud cheers, or go to your favorite sports store and pick up some marine air horns, they are great makes lots of noise.

Lets Cheer on our Tiger-Cats to a Win tomorrow against Regina in Guelph.


I don't think we will have a goo attendance tomorrow because it is suppose to rain. We all know what happened at the last home game. By the end of the monsoon game the stands were pretty much empty. Here hoping for a good turn out.

Great Ideas !!

For everyone that reads this lets take on the attitude that us Ticats fans can make a differnce . We saw what the SASK fans did to us last week when we had the ball .

So talk to everyone you know who goes to the games to bring the noise when SASK has the ball . Please be very quiete when we haev the ball though you can rest your vocal chords .

lets all start looking for noise makers like cow bells , cfl blwo horns you name it :slight_smile:

We can still be the best fans in the CFL …and 13,000 can make a lot of noise too …just imagin if all 13,000 yelled at the same time and every 2knd poerson had a noise maker …lets see if we can get GUELPH complaining that we ware just too loud //how about that

We all know our ticats need this help and will do better if we are loud

Give people something to cheer and scream about and they will. You can't expect them to do it by default if a big mountain of poo is being formed on the field again.

I’m all for cheering and whistling and making noise…but blow an air horn next to me your gonna be eating it

Hearing damage is forever :x

Mentioning "13th man" to Riders and their fans? OUCH!

Please do NOT do this

I remember many years ago, I was at a home game with my father, the fellow next to us had an air horn rigged to a fire extinguisher. As the Tiger cats took the field at the beginning of the game, he let this thing off. It was so loud it was like sitting next to a train. He surprised the lady in front of him. She just about jumped out of her coat, and barely missed someone below her with her coffee.

Wow, Oldfan that must have been very loud, especially if the guy brought in an air horn hooked up to a fire extinguisher? I don't think they could get that by security today and I agree Air horns can be extreme, just bring on lots of noise but don't blow out your vocal chords either, that's one good thing a drum or noise maker saves is your throat.

When I was at the last Ti-Cat home Game in Guelph against Winnipeg a lot of fans were cheering but many were not or could care less and that's their privilege but it would be nice to assist in the home town advantage and the 13th man.

The funny thing about it was that the guy blew this thing so much during the game that by the 3rd quarter it was quieter than a bicycle horn.

The next morning after many games, I barely had a voice and my hands were sore.

There used to be this commercial that the NFL used to run. It showed this fan sitting in his kitchen the day after a game drinking tea with honey, my guess to sooth a raspy throat caused by excessive cheering....

Just remember guys, the times to cheer are when the opposing team is in the huddle to disrupt the play call, and before the snap to mess up the snap count. Not while our team is in the huddle or at the line. Obviously after we make a play, that's fine as well, but know when to cheer.

It's strange, Hammer. I keep reading this instruction on the forum. Yet, when I used to be able to go to home games, I don't recall this problem occurring much. Yes, there was the video on the screen, from time to time, to extoll the crowd to make noise. Yet, when our offense was on the field, I only saw the occasional "pipe down" gesture.

Maybe, I've developed a bad memory over the years, but is this a recent thing??

When the teams is playing good it is easy to cheer. I am guessing this game may have more Rider fans than Cat fans.

This fields seems to have a drainage problem I hope we don't get monsoon rains.

I predict Cats will score today.