The 13th man became the riders worst nightmare


From my point of view, best way to LOSE a game EVER!

lol im guessing your making a joke in the sense that it was a quite successful way to lose a game in which im laughing lol...if not than im confused lol :lol:

I'm betting now that the slogan "The thirteenth man makes all the difference" will not be used in 2010...

Bang on. . . that particular slogan is unilkely to ever see the light of day again, it will be forever tainted.

I think some people are forgetting that the Riders had a 27-11 lead in the 4th quarter. The Riders just couldn't stop the Als and they couldn't get the big first down when they needed it. I really don't care who the extra guy was, this game came down to more than that play and I'm pretty sure most of Rider Nation knows it. The Als never gave up and they overcame their bad start and the terrible game by their kicker to win it.

Thank you for this. The Riders dominated the first half, but we carried the play in the second half.

Maybe he didn't have his staff? It focuses magic and without it, he caused something rather unintended to happen.

Looks like Don Cherry has some company and somebody to share his pain.

OK, Im a Riders fan, but THAT was funny!

whats more disturbing is the fact i dont think you get those anywhere but adult stores which leads to some kind of fetish and fetishs should not be at game uggghhhh that was truly creepy/disturbing/disgusting

The Bruins didn't lose on the to many men on the ice call. MTL tied it and then won in OT. The way the Riders lost, was much worse. They never had a chance to respond. It may take a while for SK to rebound from that kind of loss.

I'm not sure it was necessary but Dave Naylor in his CFL Insider report at TSN believes he may have identified the 13th man by comparing who was on the field for the first attempt and not on for the second. Here's a link to the clip:

Dave Randorf said this is one of the most controversial Grey Cup finishes, but I fail to see the controversy. There is no dispute, the Riders clearly had 13 men.

lol dont take it negatively... Its not like he was trying to take somethign away from your beloved Als. It was controversial because that is a ridiculous ending. Its not the regular way for a team to win the Grey Cup.

The 13th man just made MNF

Come on Man!


That's hilarious. :lol:

You're right. It was a poor choice of words.

That could be. I think I would agree with that.

re-watching the game, i realized how huge that congi missed field goal was.....riders woulda been grey cup champs right now.

Yeah, but if Duval doesn't shank a SEVEN-YARD PUNT in the first half, the Riders have 3 less points. My Als forced Sask into a two and out on that series, but thanks to idiot Duval, they were already in FG range.