The 13th man became the riders worst nightmare

Seriously, all the drunk, bitter fans who had absolutely nothing invested in this game should just log off and go to bed, sleep off your hangover, and come back on tomorrow when you're thinking a little more clearly.

I think I will after watching the outcome. Goodnight.

i agree red very sad...i must admit that the minute i found out the penalty i was making 13th man jokes...and then cuthbert stole my thunder :stuck_out_tongue: jk what a game...the riders fans arent even doing anything and everyone else is already on their case...especially lions fans...does harassing the riders fans help you forget that embarressment that you took last week? great game by both teams, exactly what everyone was hoping for in a grey cup game. congrats als you finally did it...and the riders were one player away from taking it home as well. ill never forget this game as long as i live!


woohoo? really? thats it? no actual comment why would you waste your time?

I really hope that whoever made the mistake that led to the penalty is treated with compassion and understanding by the fans.

i really hope they never release who’s fault it was… for the sake of the man and his family.

I think the blame has to lie on the special teams coach.

He should have known there was a good chance of there being a field goal attempt and had
everyone onboard with their assignments.

If you go to a 12 man line, make sure your returners on the sidelines.

That being said, it was still a fantastic effort all around by the rider nation.

:rockin: :rockin: :rockin:

The positive is that the Riders experienced winning a GC for six seconds.

An absolutely incredible game played by both teams. Was it perfect? Were there mistakes on both sides?...oh sure. But that's Football. And the team that wins is the team that can overcome their own mistakes and capitalize on their opponents'. Congrats to the Riders on a great season. They have shown that they have the potential to be a powerhouse for the next few years at least. And of course congrats to my Al's. Taking a sloppy first half and fighting tooth and nail to turn it around in the second. Even after that blown interference call on the attempted two point convert they never gave up. Duvall redeemed himself i think for those two shanked punts and put it through when it counted.

In typical CFL fashion it turned into a nail biter that had ( i'm sure) an entire nation glued to their tv's as well as discerning fans south of the border who appreciate how exciting real football can be.

It's been a great year (again) and I can't wait for 2010. Have a great off season everyone. :thup: :rockin: :smiley:

i love football, the atmosphere, and all the wild fans, but seriously wtf was that dude thinking wearing a limegreen spandex suit on national television, i barfed in my mouth a lil' bit, it was disgusting.

There's already a Facebook group called I HATE THE 13th MAN ON THE FIELD! and it's got almost 4,700 members. :roll:

LOL i wonder if all the riders fans will take that back when they realize it was their beloved john chick...not saying it is his fault per say but i believe he was not supposed to be on the field

How 'bout we leave the fringe idiots alone... Out of sight, out of mind. Let the appropriate authorities deal with them.

lol touche chief

Nicholson was on the field during the missed field goal. Reed takes the balme though, saying that on of the defensive players was to leave the field. Nicholson has a great vertical jump to try to block the field goal, but why change things up and not have Reed making sure the right players were on the feild by counting them if they were going to do such. A dumb little extra something that backfierd on the riders. At least he should have told the player that he was taking off the field. Go with what got you there in the first place.

All I know is it likely wasnt Armstead,cause if it was,why would you put him in the endzone on the winning FG.Had the Riders gone with 12 on the line,some Al's player could have seen it and placed himself onside to try and recover it if it was short/wide/and in play for a TD.

The Riders had 16 seconds to decide what play to run before the ref put the ball in play,and with no time out,I wouldnt have even thought about changing the play,to me there just wasnt enough time between plays to change things up.

TSN turning point......some idiot is on the field when he shouldn't have been giving Duvall, who was screwing up all game, another chance to win it after he blew it the first time.

It was like watching a 3 hour movie and the ending didn't make sense. I would have rather had Duvall hit the field goal and there only be 12 guys on the field for Sask than to watch something that shouldn't happen past PeeWee. Can't even feel good for Montreal as they choked when they had the chance and shouldn't have been given another.....brutal!

Headline should read "Sask grabs defeat from the clutches of Victory"
A tough "Pil" to swallow for Rider fans....lmao.

I crack myself up.

Watched the game down here in the States, and what a game. All Canadians should be brought of their game and the CFL. That said, what a TERRIBLE way to end a game like that. Thirteen men on the field? But what can you do? It is a penalty, ugh.

Why the hate from some posters?