The 13th man became the riders worst nightmare

That was an aweful way to be defeated in a grey cup. esentially they were not beaten, but lost it. seems ironic with the "13th man" talked about all the time... it was 13 on the field. i have one request... who evers fault it was, please do not try to pour cow dung on their lawn. As last time you got the wrong Lawn, and then said player went on to win a grey cup in BC.

If the riders had of won by a shanked field goal attempt, they would not have deserved it anyhow. Its not the penalty they should be crying about the game time coaching decisions.

We all know they will be blaming everyone for the lose. Im sure BC has something to do with it.

K, some of the posters on here sound quite bitter...

HAHAHA, the guy in front of me was a Lions fan and was hammered and threw a hex on Duval to miss the first FG, guess his incantation missed by a few yards....

RIDER FANS: Blame Hugh from Maple Ridge, it was his fault (sloppy wizardry)...

so true - but still… a horrible way to lose a game.

Will be interesting to find out who the bum who made the most costly skrewup in Rider history is ? He's going to have to ask for Asylum in Cuba...

riders bandwagoners:

-make sure the manue belongs to you

-make sure you dump on the correct lawn

-stop blaming roy shivers

-stop wearing green unitards in the stands.

That was a Kodak moment. Holy Mother of........Supreme Embarrassment.

LOL oh the irony. Tomorrow will be provincial morning day for our friends from the so-called *****.

I hope rider fans don't act stupid like they're known to do and abuse whoever made the mistake. No manure, threats or whatever. Completely bush league and an embarrassment.

Holy Mother of Too Much Alcohol is more like it...

The green spandex suit with no underwears was quite disturbing... and they call us frogs LOL !

You must have missed the guy in nothing but a pair of green underwear... :? :lol:

The manure trucks are being dispatched to Regina as we speak.

...seriously? this is the best you can come up with?......sad really.....

They will.

It is.

....I reitterate: sad.......

See what happens in the next few days.

...nonsensical remark....go to bed...