The 108th Grey Cup Game Play-By-Play Thread

It's about four hours to kickoff.

I am nervous. I firmly believe that Dane gives us the best chance to win the game, but the Tiger-Cats will probably have to play the perfect game in order to win.

Winnipeg out-classes us in almost every metric. Their defence has been deadly in the fourth quarter all year. We can't afford to fall into a hole to begin the game.

This could be the last game for a number of Tiger-Cats players and staff, as reported on 3DN this week. My heart hopes it isn't so, but my brain believes that this could be the last game in black and gold for Ted Laurent, Mike Daly, Orlondo, Masoli, one of our co-GMs.


Whatever happens this evening, the team will be vastly different nest season. I only have a couple of things to say:

  1. Win. It. For. Big. Ang.
  2. Win it for Mike.
  3. Win it for Bob.
  4. Win it for the Hamilton fans.
  5. Win it for this city.
  6. Win it for your teammates.
  7. Win it for yourselves.

Just win the effin' game!

Oskee Wee-Wee!
Oskee Wa-Wa!
Holey Mackinaw!
Tigers - Eat 'Em Raw!!!


Getting excited, watching the pre game on TSN. Getting ready to head down to THF!! Go Tabbies!!

I had a bad feeling before the last GC, didn't know why. Don't have that this time, but the team will have to play to their full potential to pull this one off.

Keep their O off the field & wear their D out with long drives.

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Just got out of the shower , putting on my thermals , getting my toque and scarf ready , TC covid mask , Black Cat hoody with a yellow one underneath , thermal socks . Thinking of grabbing a pregame beer or two and I'm on my way baby . Then it's out the door to go meet my son who is already at the stadium .


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The D will probably have to score a TD off a turnover...If this game is close late, the Bummers will just let their O-Line lean on us and jam Harris down our throats.We have to sustain drives and get up early...

Getting off to a good start is going to be key, or at the very least keeping the game within one score if we fall behind. I think our best chance is to attack early and hopefully grab the lead. I'm nervous but optimistic and excited as hell! Every guy on that roster is going to have to bring it today for us to get the job done. GO TICATS! Eat 'em raw!

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Agree. We could really help ourselves by jumping on them early.

Hey Kate, now it’s for all the marbles. :facepunch:t2:

I wanna see a good game... or an epic game today! Good luck Cats! :partying_face: :boom:

I feel Speedy and Simoni are going to have career games today. They deserve this.


That's the key right there. Getting an early lead and then stepping on their throats. The Bombers played most of the year in the lead and could then lock down the 4th quarter. If they are losing late in the game then they will abandon the run and our defence will fold them up like a cheap tent.

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Wish, I was going to the game. Sadly, I can’t, living in Arizona but I’ll be glued to the TV set.

I hope the Ticats pull off the upset. Do it for the great Ticat fans, Bob Young and the city of Hamilton. Go Cats Go!!

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Nobody feels sorry for you sitting in sunny Arizona...

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I would trade you, a stay in Arizona for a ticket to the Grey Cup in a heartbeat !! I miss the Hamilton cold….. feeling nostalgic

I went on the CFL Grey Cup live feed. I had to leave because I was getting pissed at the cocky Bomber fans thinking they have this game. Screw them. I hope the Cats pull off this upset. Cats all the way !!!

We love those Cats, those Tiger-Cats, the team with the spirit and fight…for we’ll Oskee Wee Wee, and Oskee Waa Waa, Right on to victory!”


Reality is starting to seep in and I have a feeling that this game will be over
by half time. We just don't have the guns to win this period.

With all that ocean front property! Thanks for Joe. Arizona State University.

Captain negative, Yeesh :-1:
Do you worry about getting struck by lightning everyday?
Hey, the sun came up this morning

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What reality? The kickoff is over an hour away! Was the reality in 2019 that we would crush the bombers like everyone predicted? Switch channels…

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