The 107th Grey Cup: This is the year!

This is the year! I believe. Hamilton has a great team but so do the Blue and Gold. We have the personal. We have the head coach.I like our QBs ,our RB, our returner, and the D can make plays. We can do this !

So will Boomer and Buzz be brought along to Calgary for the game?


I would assume so.

Oh ya, they’d be part of the activities heading up to the big game!

Who’s going to make the big plays?

Grant get a big one (or 3!)? Demski continue his great playoff? Harris going to bust loose?

My prediction…Willie Jefferson catches a td pass!

This should be a hell of a game. The Speedy ‘A’ and Speedy ‘B’ against the two headed monster.

Good Luck you guys, but in the end the Black and Gold will carry off the Cup.



It's kinda cute you are so sure...

Security will stop them, then bring it back to the winners of the game, THE BLUE BOMBERS


Interesting...on an interception, or lining up with the O?
I would love to see him lined up as a TE/SB on a play....his # works too!

…FINALLY punched our ticket to the Cup and now to finish the job…All of the players should be commended for digging deep and getting it done…playing lights out for Zack and upping their game…I always thought this club had the talent to take it all the way…great Canadian depth and solid imports…This club was solid at the beginning of the season ,except for 2 miscues back east (games we should’ve won …but should’ves don’t count)…Streveler is giving us a 110 percent and very much a part of our return to success…We were just missing the key ingredient and that was a seasoned qb…enter Collaros which brought us back into serious contention…This team has the capability of winning all of the marbles…We have become the best in the west…now it’s time to win the rest…It’s going to be one heckuva game …tame the beast in the east and the drought ends…GOBOMBERS…all the way

Way too quiet guys! Are we all too nervous?

3 Days!

Im trying to pace myself. I've been beating the same " this is the year" drum all year. It's gonna happen gang.

A calm, cool assuredness is how I feel. Last time I felt this way was 1984.

PS…Over the many years I have watched the CFL I have noticed the pattern that the team that cleans up on the year end awards, be it Schenley or whatever, seldom win the cup. Shh don’t tell anyone.

Oh yeah, for Strev and Harris to be effective they have to run wide, not up the gut.


I think we should have the crowd behind us. More Bomber fans will be making the trip. We are from the west. Everybody likes the underdog. I don’t know if it will make any difference but we will have support.

The Hamilton Tiger-Cats appear to be 3.5-4.0 betting favourites at the moment.


I’m surprised that it’s not more like 7-8 points.

There’s a terrible lag on this site today. Barely able to navigate.

So evidently the Blue Bombers practiced outside as a football team should yesterday while the Hamilton Tiger-Cats practiced indoors! Siberian ticats they’re not it seems. That tells us everything we need to know right there.


A quiet confidence. I like it. 8)

....I said my piece it's...shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh....hush