Thats Mr. Muphy to the Riders

Just in case Riders fans forget who the King of Jungle is:

Uh... looks to me like he was beating up on the Eskimos... not the Riders. Not sure I get the point of this topic?

Thanks for the video, Mervin/RLR that proves Murphy is the dirtiest player in the league, and that his buddies Jimenez and Rasouli are not too far behind him.

NOthing like getting the boot during the game to prove you are the king of the jungle. I hope he does something to get the boot early in the first quarter....what the heck...why not on BC's first play of the game.

If your gonna troll at least spell the guy's name right in the title of your thread.

lol, so true

Mike, be careful what you wish for - are you encouraging The MurpMonster to do something dirty enough to get kicked out? Let's say he did and it the infraction injured a Rider's D-Line guy and put him out of the game. Not good for anyone.

Be careful what you wish for - you might just get it... Hmmm

lol Mr. Muffy....

Wow, you have spelling issues.

MR. Yo Murphy.

I think the riders could survive the injury. Taking Murphy out would be a hudge beifit for the as he will be playing the rover position focusing only on Joseph.

well I have always thought that Mr muffin had a little more on the ball then Jimenez. But would I be surprised that something like this would happen no not at all.