That's more like it!

The Lions actually played like the Lions last night. Its been a while since Dome Field Advantage turned out to actually be an advantage. I can't believe the improvement in our defensive front 7 and O line. Buck actually had time to pass and their run game didn't have a chance.

If you noticed Lyle Green was in on most passing plays and he has always beena great blocker, gives Buck more time.
As for teh D.....well when you add a middle linebacker like Armour.....don't have final stats handy but about 1/3 of the average they had been giving up on the run, also freed up Banks to do some damage with his speed, if they are going to use the 4-2 +1 package on D, they need the 2 to be effective, nasty and get the job done, <McKenzie probably had his best gamea s a Lion not having to cover over for Glatt, and Glatt was great without the "starter" pressure in fill in special D's.

Watched the Toronto / Montreal game earlier, and after watching Moreno stuff Montreal's runs up the middle time after time, it gave a great example of what the Lions needed....and got.