Thats media for you

so, in the quote below from a story

"Months after becoming the CFL’s Most Outstanding Rookie with a year that won’t soon be forgotten, the Argos’ running back has promised to become the first player in league history to record 1,000 rushing yards and 1,000 receiving yards in the same season."

There is no mention of a promise in the tweet from Wilder. It is a tweet isn't it?? I don't follow this stuff.

saying you are going to do something without the word promise, is not a promise. It is more of an intent or prediction.

You cannot promise anything when the fulfillment ofwhat you intendis not entirely in your own hands.

The tweet was:
I will be the first @CFL player to get 1k-1k
I talk my goals into existence, I absolutrly love the pressure. No
more just big goals, BEST goals only this year for me!!!!!!

What else is 1k-1k ? ? ?

you totally missed the point. Its about the word Promise, not 1k-1k.

In the case of James Wilder Jr. making this statement, I think part of his statement is that he does think it's within his sole abilitiesto reach 1k - 1k in a season. It is his promise.

Nice Why not be confident!! Cheers

doesn't matter if he believes it, he didn't actually Promise it. That was just the writers word. You can believe something all you want, but in this case, he cannot promise it. He doesn't have enough control over it. I just take issue with media making inaccurate sensationalized statements.

I know that today's younger people are constantly misusing the word Promise. Saying such things as "I promise you I am telling the truth". Promise is about future, not present or past. Promise is about what you can control, not what you hope to do.

I would like to see Wilder accomplish this though.

I agree that the media and all of us can be prone to interchange words which substantially can change the original intention.

"Promise" is different than "intend to".

I also find that people often insert the word "admit" when the speaker is "stating" their facts of things as they see them. As if there is some wrong-doing involved.

X stated he thought Durant would have a better year.
is changed to
X admitted he thought Durant would have better year.