Thats just wrong.

No way should any level of Govt be putting any money into any pro football stadium!!!!

Asper should keep his hands out of the pockets of tax payers.

If the people of winnipeg want their city to spend their money on it, if the people of manitobal want their govt to spend their money on it, then I guess thats their choice, but no way should the feds give one cent of my tax money to a new stadium anywhere, including BC place.

I am thinking its about time write some letters of protest to the feds re winnipeg and BC place, as well as BC govt re BC place. Of course, thanks to Olympics, I havent a leg to stand on re BC place as far as the province goes, sigh


Coming from the guy who's NEWER stadium is getting a $hitload of millions thrown into it in a couple years

But that doent mean he agrees with it!

I know, totally sucks. Damn Olympics. grrrrr

I want you to name me 1 country in the entire world that does not use government money on staduims and art. Ther's over 200 countries in the world now..... Just name me one....THERE ARN'T ANY
Do you honestly believe that the MCG in Melbourne just spung up from fan donations!!
If your way of thinking was incorporated into our country's constiution 140 years ago... the NHL, and CFL wouldn't even exist!!! Nor for that matter would The Winnipeg Ballet or The Museum of Anthropology.
Basicly... Canada would be a country devoid of culture.... Chances are this country would not exsist at all!!!!
Your thinking is radically conservative.... heck lets not pay taxes at all.
"Alright miss it will cost you 8 thousand dollars to in roll your daughter in school this year.... What's that you don't have the money...Well your kid can't come to school this year."
People who think like that are called anarocapitalists.... the most famous anarcocapitalist... none other then Conrad Black.

And when all those people who cant get medical attention ask why
or when those same school children dont have text books the Gov gets to say
Sorry but we spent all the money on a shiney new football stadium

Totally disagree FYB, unlike others, beit individuals or cities who pony up with cup in hand and put up zero, at least Mr. Asper is putting up what at least one third of his money to build new.
The CFL needs more wealthy owners who love the league and want to bring it back from the dark ages.

I'm not really sure I understand your position... Why shouldn't the government invest in this country's culture? :expressionless:

Good grief Charlie Brown. I think your on the wrong forum to bitch about where your tax dollars go. I have no kids but pay tax for schools I dont complain. I also dont drive east of Alberta but if they want or need a new road I wont stop them either.

I like when people say "Tax dollars shouldn't go toward for-profit ventures!" Hahaha how long will it take Asper to make present-value profits of $40M? Oh, about 50 years or so, if he's lucky.

CFL teams might be considered "for-profit" ventures, but you could hardly call them "profitable".

Yes, the Riders made $1.7M in profits last year (astronomical by CFL standards, without hosting a Grey Cup). But they also had $21M is expenses, and after subtracting the salary cap, that's $17M that ended up in Joe-Saskatchewan's pocket.

The cultural value of the CFL is so obvious, it doesn't even merit an argument.

None of that great stuff happens unless the team plays games. Games don't get played unless there's a stadium. Stadium's don't get built (for the CFL anyways) without the help of government.

I think personally, that the CFL is a CANDIAN INSTITUTION and if the Gov is willing to invest in it (but not control it lol) then awesome.

What Pro League builds it's own staduims?
I know that Arthur Griffiths built GM Place with his own money and he went bankrupt... Who else... Where else?
If it was such a great idea to build staduims with your own money... don't you think that La would have a state of the art NFL stadium right now...along with a team.

hehehe dmont you ain't seen the plans obviously. If this goes ahead in Winnipeg, EVERYONE (governments included) will be making a pile of money and getting a solid return

Is that your best argument Ro?

There is NO way our gov would spend more $$$$$$$ on stadiums than healthcare,

I think in order for the CFL to grow we need governmental help. There is no one is who going to pony up the FULL coin to put a stadium anywhere, and if all you "London, Halifax" expansioners want a team bad enough, it's the GOV that's gonna make it happen

No I could have gone on and on with more examples but the point was made.

Governemnt spending on culture is fine with me. As long as they are frugal.

Man, that's probably the first time in my life I've seen "government" and "frugal" in the same quote.

People, this is a political argument and as such there is never going to be a middle ground due to polarization of political views. The same people keep going on and on, repeating the same thing over and over. This topic does not even constitute an argument as it's degenerated into a political spat.

I doubt if anyone bringing up health-care knows much about health-care challenges and the same goes for education. Ranting on about your political views is better left to a political discussion board on CraigsList.

For those of you who don't support the Government spending tax dollars on football stadiums, I suggest you stay away and watch the games at home.

Meanwhile, I can tell you I surely do not like spending my hard-earned tax dollars supporting people who overeat, smoke cigarettes or make other terrible personal decisions that put them in hospitals. The reality is we do not pick and choose where our tax dollars are spent, that is what the Government is for. I can think of 1000 worse things that our tax dollars are spent on then a sporting stadium.

Suck it up lefties.

One could also argue that since the arts and sports generate billions of dollars a year in economic activity that translates directly to tax revenue for all levels of government, that it is wise and prudent for government to get involved by investing in programs which support and enhance those revenue streams.