Thats It! Cut Zeke Moreno!

obviously Im kidding.
Ive been away from the board for about the past 2 weeks & returning today im amazed by all the "cut this player" threads.

why dont they just cut the whole team? let them work it out & learn the system & evenually they'll come along, look at the huge difference from week 1 to thursday night. The only similarity is that Nick Setta is still scoring the majority of there points.

My one last point is if your going to start Jason Maas then let him finish the game, just like Thursday night. Im a fan of Timmy Chang however Maas has to be the man, your going to destroy his confidence if you keep on pulling him.

Thats all I wanted to state.

Too early, I am pretty sure that Zeke is scheduled for week 7's version of "lets cut".

Cut Zeke?

Heck no.

Trade him to the Argos...

(you forgot)...and then cut the guy you got for him. :wink:

Ya,I'm wit tcha!! :cowboy:

Maybe we can do a package deal with Lumsden, Chang and Ralph...

Cut Yeast...Oh wait
thats last season
Cut Shaw!
wait, i degress again

Lets move the whole dang team to Ottawa.
They've already got our hockey team (thank goodness)
We are a few games away from cracking out of these doldrums ...hang onto your tonsils you'll be cheering loud and clear .

We should cut Zeke Moreno the word is that he is a cancer in the Locker room and that's from a very good source...Cut his ass...The boys of the Stoney Creek Attic...

I hope you're being sarcastic? If so, you have too much time on your hands. Wait a minute so do I...I just wasted my whole morning on this forum.

Well i will use this opportunity to segway into another linebacker who should get a look. Alvin Bowen who led the Big 12 in tackles for the Iowa State Cyclones.

[url=] ... EASON=2007[/url]

Ya, me too..... but that does sound ominously like a Marty Yorkism, "my sources tell me...."

Cut the whole roster and replace them with angry soccer mom's. :wink:

Sizzle is "the official soap-dropper to the Hamilton Ticats" so he would be right on with regards to locker room gossip.


not really...

if he he so bad in the locker room then how is he emerging as a leader?

and who exactly is ur source?

hey i love the food at the attic but what kinda mushrooms you putting on your pizza?
zeke from what i hear is an easy going guy. but i'm guessing you're just playin us with your threads. haha

With a post like that, I'd vote to close down the Attic. What are they sprinkling on their pizza. Is it cheese or crack?

.... That Attic is somewhere to steer clear of. I think its more like to much cutting the cheese. :lol: