That's better football

....Had to get Buck back to get back on track..Maybe a little late BUT at least we resembled a football team in this one...Great job by the defence...How about Muamba, our first round pick of a year ago...Is this guy gonna be a star in this league or what :thup: ...Finally got our offence into gear by game 12...So the cats fans say that we're the worst club in the league...Better look in the mirror ol chaps...You're not looking so good yourself :lol:

That was better football.Unbelievable the difference in attitude with Buck in there.The D really stood up at times , 36 1’st downs Muamba playing like a monster,the O moving the ball +killing the clock in crunch time.great game!Good to see Burke rewarded.

And a great game from Chad Simpson with 196 combined yards. Ford looked good when Simpson was on the sidelines too. Terrific game from the defence especially Sears.

Chris Williams had 1 catch for 8 yards and on 4 punt returns was held to 37 yards. Maybe someone did poison his food. :wink: :lol: :twisted:

I think Muamba is the best player on the team! And finally, they give Simpson the ball more than 7 or 8 times, nice result. Watson played good too.

Agree 100%. He’s been having a great year, I love this guy. The whole D played great.

Before we get too excited wasn’t Hamilton the team Elliot torched too.

Simpson or any running back has to be involved to be successful in the CFL period.

Great effort, all you can ask, let's hope they keep it up and finish the season strong.

Hamiton fumbled that game away and out played us. Buck was the reason we won last night!

Great all around effort. Even if they had beaten the cats before, hamilton was coming off a dominant performance the week before, wpg coming off yet another forgettable one. Wind was swirling, cold weather, makes for interesting football. Great mix of plays, Oline and the backs really moved the ball well in the run game, Buck really zipped the ball out in a timely fashion to his receivers. All in all a nice mix and perfect cold weather football game. I must admit I've been pretty vocal with my doubts about Muamba being ready but he had a heck of a game yesterday. First TD for Poblah. Kudos to both guys. Only guy I can single out for a negative would be Dan West with his two penalties. This is the type of game that leaves players and fans alike feeling good and more optimistic about things heading into the next game vs the argos. GO BLUE!

I enjoyed the football game on all fronts. Buck is a leader in the locker room; the whole team kept working/result was rewarding [coaching control] as the third Quarter became late.

last 4 possesions.. 3 touchdowns 1 fg. the o started to legitimately click.

lets hope it continues this weekend and i think it will.

dunno why but i get this odd feeling that as far fetched as it may seem we will be hosting the eastern semi final.

4 on the road to start, lots of injuries to start.. its interesting. 2-3 vs our own division..season series vs ticats. i dunno.. just have this odd feeling that things are gonna be better in a few short weeks. beat toronto this week, play them once more and win and thats the season series vs them also. for arguments sake.. our 3-9 becomes 5-9 and argos 6-6 becomes 6-8. we really arent out of it. not by a long shot really. 5 of 6 vs the east left.. we win 4 of those and i dunno.. i think we get in.