That's 'Ambassador RedandWhite'.... friends of ours have their nephew flying in from Glasgow this morning and I'm taking him to the game tonight....he's a huge Rangers soccer fan and has watched the north american football game on 'the telly' but has never seen a live game....should be a blast....

…make sure you tell him that Burris really isn’t supposed to throw the ball to the other team so much, eh? Otherwise the poor guy’ll just get confused…:stuck_out_tongue: :wink:

I see what you're doing... bringing in a fresh set of lungs in case yours give out while booing JJ. Very smart, Red. :smiley:

...hopefully he is a good boo-er....the scottish brogue should add an international flair thereby further throwing Jimenez off his game, he will ponder the thought that even the European nations have distain for his actions....

:lol: :lol: Nice.

Hope he enjoys the game tonight!

Tell him to wear orange tonight, they're the better team :smiley:

Don't let him watch the Simpson's. Groundskeper Willie might make him homesick.

Reminds me of an old joke, about when a Scotsman came over and his relative here took him to a baseball game, about which he knew nothing.

First batter hit a bouncer that the shortstop fielded and threw to first; batter running to first, going to be a close play, so the fans were all up and yelling "run for it, run it for it!" the Scotsman, getting into the spirit of the game, yelled "Run for it mon ,run for it".

Next batter, all 4 pitches aren't even close to the plate, so after the 4th one of those he drops his bat and starts to walk to first base. Scotsman gets up and yells "run for it mon, run for it". Relative's a bit embarrased, grabs him down in his seat and says "He doesn't have to run." Scotsman says "Why not?"; relative says "He's got four balls".........Scotsman gets up and yells "Walk proudly mon, walk proudly."

DISCLAIMER>.......this is not an ethnic joke, and in any event being of Scottish heritage I'm entitled to poke fun at myself even if it were an ethnic joke.

The season starts tonight, so we will see.

Make sure you don't use the Stamps as an example of good defense in th CFL. :smiley:

Besides that I hope he enjoys what I hope is a Lions win!

Who knows how good the Stamps D is.

Once again you are jumping the gun my friend.

No surprise, he's a Lions fan...