That's all folks

Well, that's a wrap on the Bomber season. 37-7 now, late in the fourth. Prime's fumble return for six after Boltus bobbled the snap nicely sums the 2013 campaign. Ah well, there's always next year. And talk about salt on the wounds ... Josh Bartel pins the Bombers on their on one-yard line with a perfect punt.

Every team has had one of those seasons some more than others. Hopefully the Bomber organization learns from their mistakes and moves forward.

TiCat fans know this pain all to well...

Better luck next year guys!

First time I’ve ever been happy the regular season is over !

…that was truly a disappointing season for bomber fans, hopefully the off season brings renewed hope…

Time to load those pickup trucks with manure :cowboy:
Nevery mind that's Rider fans....

Bomber fans are tough SOB's :thup:

Bomber fans will have to get used to this as it will be much the same for years to come until the current ownership changes. This teams problems start at the top and have bin that way for over 20 years that is why this team has the longest drought. This board continues to run this team in the same manner and then expects a better outcome. I doubt that the Bombers get 3 wins next year. They will not be able to convince any quality players or coaches to come to Winnipeg as this place just eats up and spits out coaches and GM's on a regular basis. The real good players do not want to come here as they know that they will not have a chance to win a Grey cup. Bombers would be forced to pay way over value to entice any quality free agents. That is why Henoc Muamba will likely be playing for Toronto or Hamilton next year. Bombers may have more cap space to offer a little more money but Henoc does not want to be like Milt and never win a cup. I had to laugh at Bob Irving who said that they should be better next year. No Bob! you will be able to continue your whining about the terrible play and all the Blue bomber problems again next year. We will probably hire and fire another head coach by August next year! Bombers just SUCK!!!!!

Obviously the only team that I really care about is the BC Lions but I sincerely hope that things turn around for the Bombers and Eskimos... not so much for the teams themselves but for the fans. Can't imagine the disappointment people in Winnipeg must feel after so much excitement going into this year with the brand new stadium and a new outlook and they only win one game at home and finish 3-15. Can't really get any worse can it? Keep your chin up Bomber fans... its only about 210 days until training camp opens up on a new year.

I hope the Bombers do better out West next year, mainly because keeping the West close is usually better for the East. If I was Winnipeg, I'd trade some defensive players for one of Calgary's QBs as they all seem fairly well proven. A trade for any other 2nd string QB (save Troy Smith, who is likely the future of the Als after AC) is risky.

Okay Hammer. I'm prepared to make that deal. Send the necessary papers to my office in the morning and we'll get it going.

Believe me all you B.B. fans,all Cat fans feel your pain!!! It's been a long road back to respectability for us.We suffered through a stretch from "03" to "08" that saw us endure not one but two 3-15 seasons(back to back 07-08 :oops: )plus other seasons of 5-13,4-14 and of course the infamous "03" 1-17 campaign :oops: :oops: .If anybody knows the feeling of being the brunt of many a joke,it's us Cat's fans!!!! But use us as your template and when things finally turn around again you can look back at this mess of a season and remember how low you were and how far you've come.Believe me for that 6 year stretch the Cats were unbelievably bad!!!! But looking back on it,we probably wouldn't be where we are today if we didn't have such a stretch of rotten football,we survived it and so can you,besides at the very least the B.B.'s did make 2 appearances in the Cup since our last one in "99" This is really the first time in a long time that I can say that my Cats have a legitimate shot at finally playing in the Cup final.In closing,good luck next season to Bomber Nation,go out and kick some Western butt next year,hopefully with the REDBLACKS on board,you won't have to leapfrog back and forth between divisions anymore. :cowboy: :slight_smile:

I hope they can get the mess sorted out in Winnipeg. What a painful season for Bomber fans to endure. Get the ship righted, guys!

It would be nice to see riders with the Bomber's 2013 yr record next year and see the mass exodus off the bandwagon. Bombers in the GC (with BC a win of course).

Next to my Lions, I always pull for the Bombers due to their GC drought.

Until the decision making is taken out of the hands of the BOD and put into the hands of a good football mind, I don't see anything really changing.

Agreed , the BOD has hurt this franchise and and if all the details were revealed it would explain why the Bombers have had so many awful teams in the last 18 years .

Team has to stop firing people every year. Its put them in a cash crunch (Despite what Deeboy and the crew says). Team should find the right CEO (its not Miller, he's not experienced enough to navigate the various mine fields) and let him do his job.

Look at it on the bright side Bomber fans. You still have won 7 more Grey Cups than Saskatchewan and you have a pro hockey team to watch in the off season.

Get Muamba signed so Toronto fans can stop posting that they are the only team that can afford him.

Next year will be better, I promise. :cowboy:

No shiat Sherlock, they won two games :lol:

And those two games were both against the same 8-10 team (Montreal).

FTR, the Bombers won 3 games :? Next year the Bombers will be in total rebuild mode ,on and off the field. I don,t think they will win more then 6 games. The only hope is ,they make some strides in building a solid football team. I'm sure free agents don't want to come in to this mess and it will take time to change that issue .