That's a lot of Bling... never mind the semi precious

That's as much a trophy as it is a ring. A trophy-sized ring.

Notice is says "Win the Day" 17-3 on the side? Isn't "Win the Day" what Trestman said to his players as a war cry before the game? What's the 17-3? Total points in the second half?

Have you ever seen a prouder bunch of guys?

Win the Day was the motto Coach Trestman brought at Training Camp in 2009 and they "used it" all season long.

17-3 means the regular season + post-season record (15 regulars wins + 2 playoffs (East Finals & GC))

Looks even better when you wear it :thup:

Im honestly not saying this because the Riders lost, but Im not a fan of the Als rings... Im not sure why

Seems obvious to me it's quite the shiny and imposing reminder should be legal to stamp on the middle of the forehead any given obnoxious Riders fan with it until the playoffs start next season too. :stuck_out_tongue: