That's a lot of Bling... never mind the semi precious

Als players & staff are receiving their 2009 Grey Cup ring tonight:

Etienne Boulay has a picture on his Twitter account:

Another picture from the Als Twitter feed:

Another 1 from Davis Sanchez:

Different from the 2002 one, I really like this 1 !

Etienne and Avon :thup:

Those rings look AWESOME
The Ticats need one this year :slight_smile:

Fine looking "young" men :thup:

Pull, Open, Place, Close, hide


Herb Z - MTL Gazette article on the Grey Cup ring:

About time he gets back to work. I say we trade him to Hamilton for Drew Edwards

I don't know what Jim is eating but he's eating to much of it... and that is one happy and tanned Mexican :lol:

Cool Ring ... You can wear it two ways... To show it or to look at it... Very different from cookie cutter rings we've been seeing last few years.

Wow, impressive I'll admit but did you see the little tiny word 'lucky' at the bottom of the rings? 8)

Earl don't be like that... :lol:

See the final score... Its engraved in Gold forever... History is written by the winners :slight_smile:

Nice. I like how they don't give them out during the first game, like some leagues do. I think this makes it a little more special for the players, not having to play right away.

They said they wanted to have Davis, Keron and Larry Taylor with them so they did it before the start of the season. I like the idea that they do it before camp...

You know, the ring looks nice, but looking at it on the hands of the players... it just looks big and gaudy. :lol:

Reminds me of the Rick James' spoof scene an additional bonus for winning such a ring, all players in possession of one ought have the right to deliver a stamping blow with a horizontal fist to the forehead of any given obnoxious fan of the losing team until the start of the next season.

That ring covers an entire section of finger between two knuckles its huge. Gaudy is good for a championship ring you might never win a championship again as a player you gotta get the most elaborate and ostentatious ring you possibly can

^^ I guess so. :lol:

Just out of curiosity, is there a page or website that has pics of all the past rings?

Hit the some of our recent champ rings...

Cool. :thup:

I really like the Saskatchewan ring. It's sort of plain, just having the logo, but there's something about the way the green and diamonds go together. It makes it look really classy.

Yeah funny how loud team goes for understated and quiet team goes for loud ring LOL !

Its big but I like the shape... instead of the same old square mold, they designed something new. "The Wearable Trophy" LOL!

On a side note it is 4 times the weight of the typical ring you saw there and came in at 3000.00 a piece.

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