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[b]Hamilton Tiger-Cats:
? First Half (6-12) vs Second Half (7-3): Over the last two seasons Hamilton has had a better record in the second of the year. In 2013 & 2014, they were a combined 6-12 (.333). After the half-way point they are 7-3 (.700) including 1-0 this year after last week’s 28-3 win over Saskatchewan.

? Snapping the West’s Run: The Ti-Cats win over Saskatchewan stopped a 10-game winning streak for West Division teams over East Division teams. For the season, the East has now won 4 of the 30 interlocking contests.

? No offensive TD allowed: Hamilton did not allow Saskatchewan to score a touchdown on offence last week. That was the first time this season that Hamilton has kept an opponent’s offence out of the end zone and first since the final game of 2013.

? Last 4 games: Over the last four games, Hamilton has continued to improve some key factors in a major way:
Factor---------------------- Last 4------------ First 6
Time of Poss. --------------33:46------------ 27:21
Net Offence ----------------398--------------- 295
Opponent Net Offence ----233 ---------------354
First downs----------------- 23---------------- 16
Hamilton ‘D’ on field------ 48---------------- 59-- (plays per game on the field)
Opponent ‘D’ on field------ 64--------------- 54-- (plays per game on the field)
Completion % --------------72.6%------------- 59.7%
2nd down conv.------------ 49% --------------34%

? Andy Fantuz: Led the entire CFL last week with 11 receptions which matched Chad Owens’ total of 11 from Week #2. Fantuz’ 11 catches was just one short of his career high of 12 vs Calgary on Nov 7/11.
Here are his five 10+ catch games:
Oct 17/09 vs CGY: 10 for 149 yds
Nov 01/12 vs TOR: 10 for 109 yds
Nov 07/09 vs CGY: 12 for 123 yds
Sep 14/14 vs SSK: 11 for 108 yds
Sep 17/10 vs CGY: 10 for 255 yds

? Hamilton Completion % & Pass rating: First 5 Gm: 94-of-162 58.0%, 68.6 rating; Last 5 Gm: 137-of-191 71.7%, 100.0 rating.

? Home vs Away Record: Since 2009 the Tiger-Cats have been much better at home in spite of moving around so frequently. At home they have a record of 31-19 .620 compared to a 14-36 .280 mark away from home. This year is no exception as they have yet to win away from home at 0-5.
? 3 points allowed: Hamilton allowed only 3 points last week vs Saskatchewan – it was their lowest point total allowed since July16, 2011 – coincidentally against Saskatchewan that time as well (33-3).

? Justin Medlock – two from 50+: Made two field goals last week from 50+ yards becoming the first CFL kicker to date since
Swayze Waters had two on July 27, 2012 (each from 50 yards).


? Taylor Reed: Over his last 4 games, last week’s Defensive Player-of-the-Week has recorded 22 tackles and 4 sacks.[/b]

thanks for the info Grov

and heres to whippin some Eskimo pie tomorrow night :thup: :rockin:

Appreciate the stats. Last year it seemed easy enough to see how the team was improving - at least to me. This season, it has seemed harder to see the progress and stay positive in spite of many close losses. Seeing how the team is improving (stats don't tell the whole story though - statistically they were better than the Als and lost! :frowning: ) helps to show that the team is making strides and at the right time of the year, gearing up for the playoffs!

Here's another fact,the last time that the Eskimos officially played a game here in Hamilton was on Sept.15/12 a little over 2 years ago to the date of tomorrows game of Sept.20/14. Just a little reminder of what happened that night....the final score of that game.......Ti-Cats-51....Eskimos-8. :smiley: Not saying it's going to happen again but wouldn't it be sweet if history repeated itself ?
I don't think the score will be that lopsided this time around,but I am confident that the Cats will make it 3 for 3 at the new stadium and come out victorious tomorrow night against those Eskimos.
The Cats have had good success lately when the Eskimos have played here in Hamilton. Going back to the "04" season the Cats have defeated the Esks 7 times here and have lost only twice to them in that time.Now that's a fact !!! OSKI-WEE-WEE :rockin: On the menu for dessert tomorrow night at THF a big heapin' helping of Eskimo Pie....Oh Yeah !!!!!!

Results 2004-2012 Edmonton at Hamilton (7 wins/2 losses)


Kind of a very rough schedule early on. With THF not available they opened their season with 3 away games in the West not exactly an easy task for anyone. Then return home to find they still have no home field.
A bit different now with 4 of their remaining games at THF. A 2 at Toronto in weeks 16 and 18 also gives them an advantage. No travel involved. Plus the fact that the game will likely have some big playoff implications. Which could lead to a similar situation during last years ECF where Hamilton fans set their hatred for RC aside and came in droves to support the them.
So from here on out they only have to leave Southern Ontario twice. Once to Winnipeg and another in Ottawa.
Add a couple of really big signings on defense line and it may be very tough for any team to come to Hamilton to score points let alone win.

Grover said... No offensive TD allowed: Hamilton did not allow Saskatchewan to score a touchdown on offence last week. That was the first time this season that Hamilton has kept an opponent’s offence out of the end zone and first since the final game of 2013.

Would be interesting to know when the last time Saskatchewan was shut out of not getting a offensive touchdown in a game.

Last year. September 8th, Riders vs. Bombers. 25 - 13 Winnipeg. 4 FG's and a rouge by Milo was all they could muster.

Thanks Grover, great stats & facts.

With the Argo's win last night in BC the race is on for first in the East and heading towards the playoffs, lets keep the drive alive Tiger-Cats with a Big win tonight over Edmonton and some payback on the Eskimos for the last game and the hit on Collaros.


Being a "stato" myself, I really appreciate the assembly of data here!

Thanks Grover :thup: