That was terrible

I hated that game tonight!!!!!!!!!!! The lonelyness of sitting , listening to the CBC football song before every commercial was the only thing that was exciting about the game lol. I felt like i was watching saskatchewan play toronto, instead of edmonton. short pass after short pass. Im disgusted by edmonton's defense. toronto had what, like 5 plays all game and 3 were touchdowns!!! That was the worst performance of their secondary ive seen all season. Maybe it was because the field was soaked from constant rain here all week, but still come on, we coulda pulled off the passes like TO. Oh well maybe next week , my eskis will pull through.

PS They will beat BC for their first loss, wait and see :stuck_out_tongue:

yea...i agree the game was just as sloppy as the grass and production value!!


and their was no broadcasters, it was kind of dead, it was weird!

Actually tune in on CBC again next week to see BC's first loss.

I loved the broadcast. I attend every Argo home game and never miss hear a play by play at a live game. I already know all the players on the Argos, and most of the Eskimos, so i did not need to know who was doing what. The game was a bit sloppy, but the Argos won, which got me out of my seat several times to cheer their big plays.

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