That was quick...

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QB Chris Leak was released today. Did he ever throw a pass in practice?

That's what I'm here to find out. Anyone know? I guess Chang will be hanging around a little longer.

wow. If I was a die hard ST holding ticat fan, I would want an explaination.

he threw maybe 15-20 passes and then just stood around and did nuthing.

Apparently Chang has had a better couple of days in practice…nevertheless, how much did Leak participate in the drills? What can attendees to the practices say re Leak on this point? I’m very surprised at this…

I just got your reply, GBonds…were they bad passes? LOL That’s not many to judge anyone on, methinks…

Oski Wee Wee,

Well, Im strickly going on body language but he didnt seem interested. Never hung around Printers, D-Mac, any of the coaches or other QB's for that matter on the field.

Maybe its just me but if I was new to Camp, the team, etc and even the country I would be pretty active in asking questions and trying to learn.

Okay. So 15-20 passes. Sat around. Hmmm. Definetely not enough to get a good feel for the game. therefore, could it be speculated that he was sour? Thought he was better than "this". Generally brought a bad vibe to the team? But then again, wouldn't you wait to see if his feelings change? Maybe he asked to be released because this wasn't what he expected. Geez, I don't know. I'm grasping here. Maybe he just wasn't CFL calabre. Anyone else with thoughts?

Ughh... Told you so.... :stuck_out_tongue:

He basically stayed to himself and was taking a knee every two seconds. If your a new player you wanna learn as much as you can so that you can be ready to step up when called upon. Like whoknows said, he never hung around any of the coaches or other quarterbacks on the field. Like I said in an other thread if a player doesn't want to be here, The heck with'em!

Sounds like he might of P in the coaches corn flakes, they dont decide on the cheer leaders that quickly. Coach Taaffe said they were going to wait until after the first or second Xgame to asses him. :?

Ya something had to of went sour here... maybe he flat out told the coaches he is done in Hamilton and wants to go back home and not play football. From what I seen out there he looked like he was not having fun.

Wow, that was quick. Didn't Sean King last longer?

Rather than the usual knee-jerk reactionaries automatically blaming the organization, I suspect this result may have been caused by the player. Perhaps a better offer came in...from his local Wal-Mart or something.

At this point I don't care who holds the clip board. It's time for the Black & Gold to return to winning ways and that's all I'm concerned about.

Oh well…later gator. Don’t let the door hit ya on the way out.

My guess is ego. Thought he was coming up here to show the CFL how to play some football. When he realized that the team didn’t consider him the Messiah he got sour.

Non factor. Let’s move on.

Yay Chang!

This was a great move, it sends the right message to the rest of the team.

I am sure leak himself is in someway responsible for this, I just thing the team owes it to the fans some kind of information why.

I guess he expected Obbie to be parading him around practice in a rickshaw all day and all the other qb's to be coming to him for advice and asking him what it was like to almost be the fifth qb on the qb rich Bears

An explanation why they released their fifth string qb? Did the almighty Bears have to give an explanation why they cut him?

to the bears, I am sure there was never any expectation, but there seemed to be a lot of expectation, and even excitement in ticat quarters. To then turn around and release so quick demands something hint of information.

I think Leak would make a good Boatman.