That travesty tonight....

...showed this squad is incapable of winning The Big Game.....prove me wrong....

I AGREE, nothing is more frustrating than when a team can't get up for a game of such importance. Wonder what has to happen for the team to "get up" for the challenge? Henry's going colour blind again...maybe needs a new prescription for his contacts?

I thought Burris was auditioning for a position on the Leos, considering how often he threw the ball our way. :wink:

We absolutely stunk the place out on Friday...Hank used to only choke once inside the 25 yd line...I had hoped he would mature into a good CFL quarterback who can quickly assess the situation & act appropriately, but that is not how it's developed. Very unfortunate, but I think we need to make a change at QB...

Ha ha ha One bad game and bum status! Albertabluesky who do you think should be in there! Last time I looked there is no capable replacement! And to jump ship over one of the worst played games I have seen for the red and white I do not think it is time to jump ship yet! This team needs to get off its high horse and back to day one where they had it in their minds they were the team that needed to work hard to get wins. Now they go in thinking the other team will collapse for them because we are the best attitude. Time for a change of attitude from the receivers on down to yep the waterboy! This team needs an attitude adjustment in a big way. Higgens start kickin some a$$ now!

I think Burris is a very capable QB but his inconsistency must be annoying. I can’t see Burris and the Stamps stinking the joint out again this week. I’m thinking that they have something to prove after last weeks collapse. I’m expecting a good game. Hopefully the Lions don’t get full of themselves and continue to roll along.

Stamps are a good team, just happened the Lions were better that night. It was only one game. Whether you lose by 1 or 100, it’s just a loss.

and the Stamps tend to play better at home than on the road.

And it is a nothing game for BC, while the Stamps still need a win to clinch second.
It'll be a better game.

I can't believe what I'm hearing! Take it from a resident of Alouette-land. You are so better off to have Burriss at quarterback than have the most accomplished choke artist in recent CFL history—Anthony Calvillo.
Burriss can scramble better than any other qb in the league, and can fire lasers while he's running. Every team he's played for in the CFL has improved its record with him at the helm.
With the possible exception of Dickenson, he is the best quarterback in the CFL. I guarantee you would miss Burriss if he wasn't there.

I agree R&W, there needs to be a mental adjustment for this team...and I know Burris doesn't call his own plays BUT when he sees the play fall apart in front of him he panics, and I ASSumed he would have gotten over that tendency by now. I think he has awesome athletic ability, he just has to get his brain on the right track. I love to see him run, if he doesn't drop the ball in the process..
I know full well we have no suitable replacement for him and that he probably had his worst game on Friday in BC (we were there...). The team as a whole was unfocussed which just emphasizes the importance of MENTAL toughness in this game.
I think we'll see a more contrite bunch of guys on Sunday, with their heads where they should be, in the game instead of in the papers!

I expect a better game from the Stamps. What puzzles me is, so many times this season they tend to go away from Joffery Reynolds too quick.

Agree Sporty ..I think IF the Stumps win he will make the for Burris, he will bounce back, he usually does.
BC has had the Stumps number all year just like the Riders against BC and Calgary against the Riders.

I think the Stamps will bounce back this weekend. I think this last game should serve as a wake up call for certain people to keep their minds on football. Simon got into the heads of the Stamps and they got burned, I don't think it will happen again.

I hope they learned a lesson, if not it could be another long night.

I think they are going to lose just as bad as last friday! It just seems the coaches and this team can not get their A game for the BC Lions! NO answers why but every game this year against the Lions the Stamps looked very bad! Over the season you would think they would be better prepared for the games. Well the alarm bell went last week the Stamps will not beat the Lions this year unless their stars show up and the coaches prepare to win. I do not think they can do it. BC Lions by a landslide!

Maybe not, from what I've been hearing, the Leos are going to be resting quite a few of their starters, since none of the remaining games mean anything as far as standing are concerned. They seem to be hoping that a couple of weeks rest will have the startes good to go for the WDF.

I agree with this. People always blame the QB for everything. He's the best quarterback in a Stamps uniform since Dave Dickenson and even that's controversial.

QBs always get too much credit when a team wins, and too much blame when they lose.
But it is pretty tough to equate Burris to Anthony Cavillo.
Burris has only played for two teams, and has a career losing record. Even if you write off his first year in Sask., he is barely above .500.
His stats pale before Cavillo, and Cavillo is only a couple of years older.
And Cavillo has had far more success in the play-offs than Burris.
Henry Burris has only ever won one play-off game.
He is a whopping 1 and 2 in the play-offs.
If Alouette fans aren't happy with Cavillo, I can't imagine what they want....