That throw by printers was actually a smart throw...

Guys... 2 humongous riders are charging him, crowd loud as hell. In his interview, he said he seen Geroy with only 1 person covering him, and any one on one with geroy, geroy is going to catch the ball, even printers said that. But the defenders blocked the view of 14 who intercepted it, not printers fault. Plus, lets look at it this way, he takes the hit, fumbles it, we MIGHT of recovered it.. probably not though because 2 defenders are in his face, or, he takes the hit, and maybe gets injured, but that's highly unlikely because he is a tough healthy guy, but you never know.. But he is not like buck and stays down for 2 minutes after every hit. And its not always the QB'S fault, its a team effort, you lose as a team and win as a team, maybe if our team protected our QB better he would have a bit more time to look around, plant his feet and make a good throw? In his interview he said it was suppose to be a crossing route throw, that would of got them about 5-10 yards, and they needed a 8 yard throw for a TD, if he didn't throw it 8 yards, and just 5, then we run it in. But my point is, if we protected him a bit more he could of made that crossing route throw, so don't blame printers guys, it was a smart play to do, because like i said he could of also fumbled it or got injured, and if he seen geroy in a 1 on 1 situation, even if I was him, I would of thrown it because geroy pretty much always wins the 1 on 1 battles.

No it wasn't. It was a bad throw.

Down by 3, First and Goal. Throw the ball out of bounds and take another shot on 2nd down.

My issue with Casey isnt the way he played. He had a decent game even with that mental mistake at the end.

well yes, he could of threw it out, but he did see geroy 1 on 1 and was getting charged by I dont know how many players. it wasn't.

Totally agree with you Sportsmen.

How many times have we seen QBs eat the ball when someone wasn't open. They drop and protect the ball. His other option was to throw it through the end zone or out of bounds as Sportsmen said. He didn't. It was a mental error. Printers panicked. I think he was so fixated on winning the game that he lost sight of the bigger picture. That is only the first down and that a field goal was all that was needed to force a second over-time. Even if he'd been dropped for a 20 yard loss we would have been able to kick a field goal. Oh well. He knew what happened. No doubt the plan was to throw the ball to Geroy. And what better guy to throw it to with the kinds or receptions Geroy was making? But in this case it was a hail mary pass instead of a well thought out pass. But.......Had Geroy caught the ball this forum would have gone nuts.

he never seen 14, maybe it was not a smart throw.. but better then getting injured, and maybe even a fumble, he could of just threw it so the side, but like he said, he didnt see geroy in DOUBLE coverage. But all qb's in that situation would do that. he panicked. He just started playing again, and did amazing, now imagine when all the rust is off, cut him some slack.

Hey Geroyfan, its not like we aren't giving him some slack .TAKE NO OFFENCE but guys like you makes excuses for Printers
as to why it was a good throw..
Earlier in the year you would have torn Buck apart for doing the same thing and coming on this board saying that Pierce
isn't that good, or JJ should start. Or we need a qb and sign Printers. You come on the board complaining how poor our offensive line is at protecting Printers but you didn't notice it before with our other Qb??? But somehow our Mash unit of QB didn't give you much of a hint.
You stated earlier that Buck should learn from Printer and throw more to Geroy because he'll catch anything even in double coverage.. Sorry but eat your words. Yes Printers did a good job for the time he had off .. But you have a knack of thinking that one or two players is going to take this team to the promiseland!! Whats wrong with Paris Jackson? Isn't he a good reciever? But you want the ball to go to Geroy?? How about the running game?? Should we just scrap it because we have Geroy and Printers?..No of course not... Most of us know its a team game...Were giving Casey some slack but you need to realized its still a team game.

lions40 I know what your trying to say, I mis worded this topic, my apologies. Yes, it is a team game, and your right, I probably would of got mad at buck at FIRST, but then later on realized it was wrong and cut him some slack. And when I said geroy will catch anything, and just throw it to him, I really didn't mean that, I just really like him and he is great. Yes Paris is a GREAT receiver, and so many others to, I just miss said it, I didn't mean always throw to geroy, I know its a team game, I said it in my last post and apologized, I am sorry lions40, my apologies.

Well GEROYFAN,, I'm glad you didn't think i was slagging yeah because i wasn't i trying too. We all get excited about our team. My concern for this team right now is to clinch a playoff berth and rest most of the starter ,and hopefully they will heal in time for the playoffs. Losing Angus Reid really hurts the offensive line.

It sure does.