That sucked. Tape Delayed in US and

scheduled my Sunday afternoon around watching the game…stayed away from the CPU and TV so I wouldn’t know who won…watched 3 and half quarters with happiness…stupid fumble (rode Holmes all the way down the field and then tried to get cute)…roughing the passer…defense let down…time to go beat the kids.

That sucked. Should be 3-0 but GAVE one away.

you know I agree with everything you said but I find with this team we FINALLY have… I am not as upset as I use to get over a lose. So the kids and dog are much safer :lol:
It is not the Western FINAL …YET. and the days are gone that we are worried about every victory ( like the Bombers and the Stamps). We know we are going to make the playoffs :smiley: :smiley: the team is that good. :!:

Never in a long time have I seen any team get over 400 yards net Offense against the Argos with so much ease. Toronto feels very lucky to win and very nervious to play us again… end of story.