That Siren During Rider Games (or at least Stamps/Riders)

WTF is this?? Some siren going off during Stamps offensive plays. Not only annoying while watching on TV, but I hope fineable. The screams of the fans more than do it, why is this there.

I've heard it, too. I thought you couldn't manufacture noise? Am I wrong?

The team cannot manufacture ELECTRONIC noise.....The fans can do what ever they want

I thought it might be a fan. If it is, security needs to take it away.

no way, crap like that only happens in Edmonton! where they don't allow you to have anything!

it's pathetic.

It's not a fan it's too coordinated if you ask me. Maybe it is, I hope it is, no way a club would be that stupid. But it hasn't stopped and is quite annoying as I'm trying to watch the Stamps beat the Riders.

they've had that horn in Regina for years..

Must be the ambulance siren picking up Riders off the field.

:lol: Ouch.

I thought it was a bloody car alarm's extremely annoying, but probably effective. Is it allowed, I'm confused?

As far as I know the rules, it is not.

Yes it is allowed its a fan with a siren, if it was being played over the PA then that would be against the rules.


They showed some fan with a siren mounted on a helmet... Dont know if that was the one making the noise though

I would hate to be sitting next to or anywhere near that particular fan.

Fair enough.

For the crowd at home watching TSN it's terrible and distracting. I'm far from an old man so I can tolerate noise. But to hear that on EVERY Burris drive is annoying. I like the crowd noise and that kills it.

Its not much better if you are beside an air horn or blow horn

...they tried...and lost...'nuf said...

who cares. :smiley: :smiley: Just joking! It is a bit annoying, and I do pity the fans sitting in that section.

I'd probably knock the guy out...

I feel the same way. Give me some loud cheering, not a friggin' siren.

Honestly, it didnt bother me in the least