That 's it boys ...turn out the light s

...What a hopeless rivals the smelly Daley... Rheinbold era....IF Taman doesn't bring in some decent his ass....what can you say about the crappy talent other long to a few of them ....and start getting ready for 09.... :thdn:

i aalso say lets go find some linebackers, now that we are down to our 3rd string middle in pierre-luc labbe although he looked pretty good. and now charlton went down and i do not in any means want mckinle playing outside

Brutal!!! One week it's the Qb's then the running backs then the O-line and now the D-backs!!! It never ends!!! A 17pt lead down the drain. 2 and 8...I'll always support my team but we are next year country now!! Way to many issues to contend with and not enough time to deal with them to turn this around. It's a bloody shame! I can't believe what has happened this year. Lots of questions but where are the answers?? I'am not qualified to determine the changes that must take place but I sure as hell hope somebody in charge does!!! My personnel opinion?? Trade Glenn and get a REAL QUARTERBACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! There I said it. Trade him where and for who, I don't know. This team needs a take charge, talented, experienced Qb. Where can we find one is another question.
2008!! What a bloody disappointment!!!!!!

Printers. That's who.

5 - 12 in the last 17 regular season games.

The 2 - 8 record is no fluke, this team isn’t very good from the players to the coaches. Time to cut loose the veterans and start bringing in some youth.

Glad to have you on board Papa, RW2005 and I are happy to welcome you to the "Fire Taman Bus".

But, what took you so long? :wink:

...i can only take so much....this drop in the standings is 'unreal'...i see Taman is scambling now trying to save his a$$...with some wheeling and dealing....will it work.....?????might only postpone the enevitable.... :lol:

The sad thing is, Berry is going to save Tamans azz, by making him look like a genius with these moves, when really, if he had listened to him from day 1, we wouldn't be in this position today.

Berry hanging yet another player out to dry after a loss has convinced me that he has to go, along with Cartwright and arguably Taman.

Berry has lost the dressing-room, he has no idea how to motivate his players, and it seems like every week he's out there throwing a player under the bus for problems that are team-wide, and which are HIS responsibility to address.

Until this season, I had a lot of respect for Berry. He helped build my Alouettes' offense into a monster machine a few years back, and if he was outspoken and forthright, he also had the Xs and Os knowledge to make his abrasiveness a moot point.

However, a head coach is not, in the final analysis, an Xs and Os guy primarily. He is a mentor, disciplinarian, cheerleader, and motivational speaker wrapped up in one. A player has to be confident that his head coach will do what all good head coaches do when times are tough: take the blame and protect his players from the media. You don't have to like your h.c., but you do have to respect him and feel that he is a professional.

Right at the start of the season, Berry sapped his players' motivation by implying they were here because they were cheaper, not because they were better. Since then, he has thrown player after player under the bus, without rhyme or reason, praising someone one week and burying him the next. He openly yells at his players on the sidelines and makes individuals the scapegoat for team-wide problems. Clearly, he has lost the dressing-room. It's time for him to go.

Winnipeg has to do that which the riders did, clean house next year. With some good trades they could salvage the year because TO can be caught. Glen seems to have his mo-jo back.