That post about Chris Cuthbert?

I don't know where it went but was there any truth to it? I did a google search and couldn't find anything.

I'm thinking the mods are on the ball tonight.

Highly doubt there’s any truth to it. That guy seems to be full of something, and it’s not an inside scoop.

Every once in a while some person comes along claiming to have "inside knowledge," and every time that person is proven to be a phony.

What the heck are we talking about?

MattsDad, WinnipegBeach_BlueBombers, Blue_Zone and whatever other names he has tucked away. Our very own semi-annual troll.

What was the post about in relation to Chris Cuthbert?

I hear Chris Schultz say he doesn't have a Twitter Account or as he put it a "Twitter Machine"??

You didn’t miss anything. It was a new thread from a self-described insider describing something that was going to happen in October. It was the user’s first ever post. The thread was deleted shortly afterwards.

Bigcat I don't mean to be picky, but would you please learn when to use a question mark and when not to? You tend to scatter them around like confetti at a wedding. . .

Ah, McMahon strikes again.

Say, whatever became of Winnipeg Beach anyway. . . did he get banned?

mattsdad gave him some magic beans and he used them to turn into Blue_Zone. Ta-dah!!!

As Rod Black would say " Beach bum formally known as Blue zone is the father of mattsdad" :roll:

AKA, Killerisme.

I sure there are several names I have missed in that list.


Once you stop using this, you’ll feel better.

Never saw this Cuthbert post but the whole Taj Smith thread just got wiped from existence and although it wasn’t a pleasant thread it was far from mudslinging. I think the mods are back in secret Nazi mode tonite, as usual I’m not impressed.

Won’t be too surprised if this post disappears too.

Why the heck would the Taj Smith thread be removed?

The poor communication makes it pretty hard to tell what is going on or why things are being removed.

It’s a private site, you apply to join and then agree to abide by the rules of the forums.

That’s nice What rule was violated? How do we avoid violating it in the future?

Who knows? These decisions seem semi-random right now, because nobody is explaining what’s going on.