That lingering taste that won't go away...


Now that the Grey Cup has come and gone, everyone's happy and have moved on and looking towards next year and gearing up for the big off-season...

There's still that one issue that the CFL has to deal with that pretty much everyone has already forgotten about even though it made for huge debate a month ago.

What happens to Jiminez now?

The last I heard Crying Wally was appealling to Cohon to let it drop.

His offensive line was so poor during the Western Final, because of the distraction that Jimenez created that it should be punishment enough. I mean there were so many people who had annoited the team Grey Cup winners before the Western Final.

Given Jimenez was totally 100% responsible for allowing glass jaw to take the hit from Jimenez. So I guess his feelings are hurt even more.

But joking aside they need to resolve this issue soon.

this is a family site...right?

Wally is sending the videos of Jimenez doing Community Service at the local churches, and the intersection cameras have been recording all the Little Old Ladies he has been assisting across the street at Broadway and Knight. He's more than served enough time already! Murphy has gone out to the local Walmart to pickup a pint of Halo polish. :lol: :lol:

Seriously, I had heard it wont be dealt with until the New Year.

Kind of sad. By the time the league actually gets around to dealing with this, it won't even be worth it... :roll:

Not unless they increase the amount of time to say 3 or 6 games...which would be nice and well deserved.

If there was a way to work it that way it would be great. He got to play in the important game, now make him miss 5 or 6 regular games.

Based on the leaked stories about the hearing, the league was originally asking for more games. So know they will have to make the case for it...

Precent, that's how the decision is going to be made, and only on precedent.

Sometimes one needs to break with precedent in order to set new precedent.
Check out the massive suspensions being handed out in the NHL this year.
Or the suspensions in the NFL.
There were no precedents for those actions, and yet lo and behold....

Trouble is Arius, the Players Association seems to be in control.....I beleive they have won just about every dispute, (or had things down sized to make them happy). I guess time will tell.

It may be too late for the Jimenez case, but I anticipate a new structure to deal with these types of things to be in place for the new season.

While I agree the CFLPA has seemed to be able to get fines reduced and get suspensions reduced. But lets be clear about one thing. For all the fines and the suspensions that have been reduced…I don’t think I can recall a player being fined or suspended for delibrately trying to injure. Yes there have been the Rasoulli kneeing and punching…but I don’t think there it was an attempt to injure. That to me is the big difference.