That has to be the end of Cortez....please

Yet another "must win" game and they show up completely flat in the first quarter.

What the hell was that decision with the time out at the end of the game? That is a fundamental football call. You call the time out to give your offence time, don't wait to ice the kicker!

I would keep Cortez as an OC but not has a HC. He's just not the HC type.

Fire him now. At least the fans won't have to sit in a stadium next year and see this team struggle again.

I know that there were a lot of errors tonight. But the key for me was the Fantuz fumble in the fourth quarter and the bumbling coach Cortez calling a timeout with 2 seconds left instead of 19 seconds left. The Ticats would have had the ball back with about 15 seconds left - I'm not saying that they would have marched downfield and tied the game but at least it would have been a last ditch chance. Again, Cortez shows his inability as a head coach to think two steps ahead. This team needs a new defensive co-ordinator and unfortunately we are stuck with Cortez for 3 more years.

Yes lets fire another coach again. Then a new coach brings in an entire new staff again. More new players to fit his system again and the result will be exactly the same as this year. The issue isn't lack of talent or poor coaching its the lack of continuity year after year. Every single season of the Bob Young era has been exactly the same. A losing record then blow everything up. The issue with this team is horrible management and it starts at the very top. Each year this team continues to repeat the same mistakes and ends in the same results. This organization is being run like the Toronto Maple Leafs. Each year we have an owner that spends money on big name free agents, builds up hype, and the season ends without a trip to the playoffs. Then Bob Young comes along claps his hands, tells us how fun this is, how close we are to being a contender, raises ticket prices and repeats the process again next season.

Aw, who cares. Whatever we do… we’re doomed. Start over… and we’re doomed. Keep this gang… and we’re doomed. It’s a good thing I’m feeling positive tonight.

Thanks to OB and Mitchell. Young is on the hook for 1.2 million for the next three years with Cortez and next year is pretty much a waste.

Not gonna happen unfortunately.

Let Cortez grow into the role. Creehan needs to go, that much is clear, and Obie needs to shore up the defensive personnel. The offense is absolutely explosive and if you're going to blame Cortez for the team's record, you have to credit him for what the team does well. If Hamilton has even an average defense, you're in the playoffs this year.

Like I said in the game thread, it as quite appropriate that the season ends with a poor coaching decision by Cortez.

It does seem to me like Cortez is at least a big a disappointment as a head coach as Taaffe was.

And I'm just throwing this out there, but the individual pictured below may have the following three words to say:

Miss me yet?

I have no idea how Mitchell and Obilovich can look at Bob Young in the eyes after this season.

Mitchell can as long as he's in the black. Obie is another story.

Let's look on the bright side. According to the Mayan calender...the worlds going to end in December which means we won't have to sit through yet another abysmal Ticats season.

too bad cortez wouldn't have shoved that pen all the way up his nose....make him the water boy if we have to pay him the next three years.....and the play of burris, fantuz and gigure???what a bunch of hype....6 wins...pitiful..

People want the defense fixed but I don't know if they realize that the team will have to cut player expenses on the offense to re-alocate to improve the defense in addition to finding a DC. To think our offense is great we just need to add talent to the defense is not so easy in a salary cap era.

I think many on the D are over paid and that there are better players who will play for the same. They just have to find them and sign them.

Ummmmmmmmmm no.................. Rey Williams, Jamal Johnson, Knowlton, Peach all make good money.

The oline (Dile, Simmons) isn't being paid too much and Chris Williams isn't on a huge contract.

We have 1 overpaid player on offense. Fantuz, making 200,000. But for Fantuz we have Daryl Stephenson to bring down the average.

He allowed a time count violation on the game winning FG WITH the ball and clock running...and a chance to snap it anywhere from 7 to 0 seconds a PLAYOFF game.

Cortez blew it tonight, but its 1-1 for game ending coaching mistakes with time clock.

Crash.... where ya' been hiding? Seems like it's been 3+ years since you were one of the major contributors on here. Now it's just the occasional (accurate) snipe.

I won’t pretend to have been disappointed when they fired Bellefeuille but really, some of the things we did, we did like a well oiled machine. Our short yardage team and red zone efficiancy was ridiculous. Seemed like every player was involved, no matter what number was on their jersey. A player’s coach, complete opposite of Cortez. The more I think about it the more I do miss him and the more I think he was just missing some talent in some key spots and maybe suffered from being surrounded by some inexperienced coordinators.

Hiring and firings are based more on what the fans think of someone than what the players think. Cortez didn’t seem like the most personable guy. I’d love to hear what the players think of some of his decisions and coaching styles and I do wonder if some secrets will come out now that the season’s over.

Cortez is fine

A rookie HC gave us an extremely potent offense, excellent Special Teams, and an abysmal D

2 outta 3 ain't bad.

Priority? Establish mediocre defense and go from there.