THAT GIRL on 1040 this morning should sing ROAR YOU LIONS RO

Did you hear that young girl on 1040 this morning with that wonderful rendition of ROAR YOU LIONS ROAR? She was amazing! You could just tell how hard she was trying! What emotion! She and her Dad won tickets to Sunday.

Is there any way Bob Ackles and the Lions and 1040 staff can have that girl down at field level to sing the ROAR song before kickoff? Can you imagine what a boost that would give to the players?! It would send the crowd into a frenzy!

Not to sing the national anthems and not to sing ROAR at 3rd quarter (that's too late to have any effect). Have that girl sing ROAR YOU LIONS ROAR like she did this morning right BEFORE Kickoff.

Is there any way the Lions staff and 1040 can possibly have her sing it Sunday? Did anyone else hear her this morning?