That Football league in the US Championship

I hear down south in the US they have this NFL Football league, where they players can't handle 3 downs, so they play with 4 and a 100 yard field. Sounds kinda bush to me, but I hear they are having a championship game down there. So who would you be rooting for this so called "Super Bowl".

which ever team hamilton town council is not cheering for :twisted:

Superbowl is the dumbest name. It's the NFL championship for the vince lombardi trophy. That's sound stoopid as well.

I'll be watching the Puppy Bowl

Damn you give the impression that most of Canada hates the Super Bowl? :?

Anyway Packers win I say, and I would not even give away the 2.5 points on this one or bet the Steelers with the points.

More canadians watch the super bowl then greycup

thats because there are too many first and second gen canadians. [url=] ... or-packers[/url] [url=] ... -supremacy[/url]

Note the great articles here on each team's offence.

Note the use of spread formations by the Packers a la 2nd and long distance in the CFL.

Then we have the use of bunch formations by the Steelers when they have down and distance a la Calgary and Toronto in the CFL, except Roethlisberger takes the snap under center and not as often from the shotgun as does Rodgers.

Then consider the third one on the two 3-4 defences matching up this weekend.

You'll see why you will essentially be watching two Pittsburgh defences not just one on Sunday.

Steelers - 24
Packers - 20

what? I missed the game??

Just one of my predictions to see if it comes true FootbalYouBet.


I did my Super Bowl shopping last night. Got some of those pizza dippers and jalapeno poppers and some Keiths.

Great game and nailed my prediction again along with someone else on here. :slight_smile:

And of course I don't get all the whining about the halftime show or stupid ads -- don't you know not to bother with the stupid halftime shows guys after all these years of sucky halftimes?

And if you find the ads annoying or Fox's coverage annoying as do I, there is more than once place to watch it online including via the ESPN America feed via the UK.

By now you should know where to watch online, but if you do not well there will be another post before the next CFL season for those of you outside of Canada too.

And the very same information applies to those of you watching NFL action even in the US so you can watch the game YOU want to watch instead of the game the league, broadcast TV, and/or satellite are telling you to watch!

What are you talking about? The NFL had been doing well. Bruce Springstein, Tom Petty, etc. This year was awful. And I enjoyed most of the commercials.

Regarding the game, I couldn't believe the way the Packers pounced on the Steelers. Good game, and I'm glad the overrated Big Ben didn't get another ring. :thup: