That CFL logo link…

yes that CFL logo link thing again. lol

so i have been thinking about this again today (yes @FootbalYouBet). i feel like it’s perhaps unfair of me to arbitrarily say it should be one way if more than than a few people would like it another way. i'd like to think of this of this forum as somewhat democratic when it comes to some decisions about the user interface. thus, i decided i want to make a poll, but with an added option:

  • i can change that CFL logo link in top left to go to the website and i can put a home icon where the football is that takes you to the parent main page - basically swapping the URL (link destination) of the CFL logo and the football (i would change that to a house logo).
  • another alternative is to leave the CFL logo link as is and change the football logo to a home icon. i like the look of the football, but i'm a bit on the fence as to it's appropriateness to the function.

anyways, i will let you folks decide this one. note: just to show you - i put the forum home icon up there beside the football for the time being so you can try it.

edit: i just realized that changing the logo link will likely change the team logo link in the team forums to go to something to keep in mind. they are templated that way. not sure if i can override that.

  • CFL log goes to homepage in a new browser tab and home icon goes to Main Forum Page
  • Links remain as is, but football icon is changed to a home icon
  • Leave the damn thing alone you witch you're going to break the interwebs!

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also i will apologize right here to @FootbalYouBet for being me being less receptive to his suggestion than i should have been. at the time, i should have stated that i could make that change but was way too much of a cranky tired b*tch to do it at that point and that we should see what others think about this.

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Just a couple of ideas I'd like to throw out there. I'm not even sure if they are possible but worth a shot.

  1. Does anybody actually use the "Latest" link that's to the left of the Search icon? I find it kind of redundant since all the "latest" stuff is on the right side of the page on the Main Forum.

  2. Would it be possible to put links on the top bar for just the 9 teams? Have the Home icon for the main page and then the 9 team logos as quick links.

Otherwise just make the CFL logo as and the House for Main Forum.

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i'd honestly rather not do the cfl team logos since they are on the main CFL page and i don't want to clutter up that top header with a bunch of icons. mostly because it looks bad on every device except desktop when you do that.

no problem GG Never held it against you. Much respect

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i'm actually rethinking this more. not sure if i can make the individual team forum logos to to the team sites instead of

i will think about the code for this overnight while i sleep but it's entirely possible that making the CFL logo the link may have drawbacks i wasn't fully aware of initially. in my mind it shouldn't be hard, but the Discourse admin settings only let you do so much without file access. i can change some component code, but that particular link defaults to the forum domain setting and i don't think it can be different for among categories even though you can change the logo to a team image.

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I thought the Quick Links would be kind of handy but if it's not possible then don't worry about it.

it's possible, but another nine icons across that black space would look pretty cluttered. and it's actually quite a bit of work. it may seem like simple HTML but it's not quite how it works in the Discourse admin settings. i also don't have access to a cfl forum sandbox so that is a limiting factor in what i can do.

i'm not against the idea of links to the team sites, it's the layout of the icons i'm concerned about. there might be other ways to do this feature (like a drop down menu or something) that i can look at if have a lot of extra time on my hands lol. i don't get paid for this so unless any of you want to start sending to my paypal *snort.

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if this site was sitting on my own server i could do waaaay more with the customizations.


closing until i can figure out a workaround on the team forums. will re-open if i can. no point in letting people keep voting if i can't actually do it in an intuitive way that makes sense.