That annoying pop-up paid off!!!

I won the Scotia bank contest that was advertised on this site. I'll be going to Calgary this weekend for the semi-final, and maybe, just maybe you might have a ti-cat fan doing the coin-flip before the you think they will let me wear my ti-cat stuff, or better yet do you think the ti-cats would send me some stuff to wear?...I know, now I'm just being greedy.

Congrats !!! Say an Oskee WEe Wee from us all !!!

Way to go Xenu! Have a great weekend!

that was a contest?

i guess i've gotten good at ignoring stuff like that.

Congrats Xenu!!! I thought if you lived in the East you had to go to the Eastern game.

As far as what to wear.... how about a GOPHER costume!?! :lol:

I'm a displaced ti-cat in BC now

Congrats...and by the way...I hope to be able to say that too, soon. :thup: :thup:

Ah right, thanks for reminding me.

What's that, Woody? You going to retire there someday? Or are you talking even sooner?!?!

I hate pop ups.

My experience exactly. The only contest was how fast I could close yet another pop-up.

Me too, guess I was bored. Now that it worked out, I'm hooked. Ayways, leaving soon, and I'll try to get a "oskee wee-wee" in for all the die-hards.

PS: Woody, you will love it out here...very expensive, but that's what you pay to live in the most beautiful city in the to Hamilton of course

the most beautiful city in the to Hamilton of course
Isn't ANY city in the world the most beautiful... (when put) next to Hamilton. :twisted: