Thanx for everything Ryan!

Another Stamp calls it quits. Ryan thalwell was awesome. He will be missed. He had a tough time after the injury in 09. Hope he sticks around in some form of the game. I wonder if this will give Arthur more playing time.

I wish Ryan Thelwell a great retirement also.

I just hope the stamps can have canadian recievers step up to the plate. Bret Ralph... Come out of retirement!

Please god no...

Anthony Parker could step up and fill the vacancy. no need for anyone to come out of retirement. :wink:

jabari Arthur, anthony parker, jon forzanni, arjei franklyn. those are the current Canadian recievers on the roster. all young, and all could be starters eventually. i wonder if in a few years when Lewis and rambo retire, and when bryant gets up in age if they are planning on starting more Canadian recievers. it looks that way to me. i could see all four listed starting together within the next three years. just a thought. one suprise for me was that tally is still comming back to camp. i have a feeling he might be practice roster material. we shall see. especially with larry taylor on the team. taylor will most likely be saved for special teams. as odd as it is now aday to have an import playing mainly special teams.

one other interesting one... tim st. pierre is listed as a RB. if im not mistaken, he is a long snapper. lots of running backs on the roster. i would be very suprised if Jared Manchulenko makes the team. a really late draft... 45th overall. at best i see him on the pracrtice roster after the rosters are expanded. but i still hope the best for all invited.