Thankyou Winnipeg for putting on a great party!

Just got home today from a great week at the greycup in winnipeg and I must say how imppressed I am in how things were prepared and how friendly the people of winnipeg were!Great game and alot of memories to boot!Cant wait for next years greycup already!

I totally agreed with you. Winnipeg put on a show that only Regina could match. For town that is doubt boring and uninteresting, my group and I barely spent anytime in the hotel rooms, we always found something to do and then there were the parties.

Extra tumbs-up to The Spirit of Edmonton for changing things up for the younger crowd. Their band was just rocking and the crowd was just eating it up.

My first grey cup experience and definately wont be my last. What a fantastic time I had in Winnipeg. The residents of Winnipeg were very friendly and know how to put on a great party. The city was involved everywhere and supportive.

Winnipeg should be very proud of what they have accomplished. I was very pleased with the whole production! :thup:

The only thing that could have been better is if the Ticats were competing agaisnt the Lions!

Tigertown was a great success and very popular with all the fans! :thup: :thup:

My only disappointment was that the Spirit of Edmonton was near the airport, instead of downtown like the other parties (Tigertown, Riderville, etc.). If all the parties were at the Convention Centre, or nearby, it would have helped alleviate the crowding at Riderville. All in all a good Grey Cup (party-wise, at least).

Well it was my first Grey Cup and let me say this.
Here's what it felt like for me at GC'06:

The red maple leaf that surrounds every Canadians heart, grows to ten times it's size and that heart will beat proud every second you are at Grey Cup festivities.

I have never been more proud to be a Canadian Football Fan and for that matter a Canadian.

What a great experience and I strongely encourge everyone to take in some if not all the Grey Cup festivities next year!

What an amazing time, great job Winnipeg!


Look out Jare, if Paul Godfrey reads your post, you're in big doodoo man, very big doodoo! :wink:

Jare, how was your steak dinner? :lol:

Who wins the '07 Grey Cup, I've got s few wagers I'd like to put down. :wink:

TiCats, all the way. :lol:

529 Wellington was probably the best steak I've ever had.

529 is the only restaurant in the world that serves only Prime Canadian beef. It was amazing!