From an Eskimo fan, living in Calgary, I thank you. Riders fans made the whole week memorable!

...from a stamps fan living in the same city I echo those sentiments, the week of festivities was a blast...

And even though I was unable to make the trip, from all accounts Calgary put on quite the show, congrats to the city of Calgary and to all fans involved in making the week a success.

...the stadium tonight was a hoot!...I had representatives from five teams within high-five distance from my seat (Als, Riders, Stamps, Lions, Bombers) was a blast!.....

I would have been in Calgary this weekend if I didn't have to work, but plans are already under way for Edmonton next year. I'll be wearing green :slight_smile:

Good, it goes well with gold.

I would also like to thank the rider fans. Your team represented the west proudly.

Good job! :cowboy: :cowboy: :cowboy: :cowboy:

From all accounts I heard went great out in CG. Props to SSK fans and CG for hosting the best Grey Cup I've seen in a LOOOONG time.

Props to MTL for winning it :wink:

As one of those dressed in Green, you are welcome. I would also like to Thank Calgary. It was a lot of fun. Bad ending but great weekend.