Thankyou Hamilton! From Winnipeg

The Blue Bomber organization had the delusion that we were solid.
Thanks for the reality check!
Our QB sucks
Our head coach sucks
Our CEO really sucks.
Hopefully, the chaos and mayhem that will ensue in the off-season will lead to a well-needed enema that will flush out the crap and allow us to build a solid team like you did this year.

Congratulations on the win and good luck against B.C. :thup:
You deserve it.

P.S. Loved the jumping into the boat after the INT TD's :rockin:

OMG I loved the boat jump. It's worth a measley 10 yards just to get your team fired up like that. GO CATS GO!!!! Rip those friggin Lion's to shreds at IWS next Sunday.

well done cats! you were clearly better, now got kick BC's butt!!!

Kelly is done! Winnipeg has some serious work to do before next season, and there are alot of good picks out there in the free agency. Should be fun to see what happens.

Lyle Bauer is a big reason why the Bombers really suck, as they have been stinking so bad you can smell the rotting corpse from Polo Park and beyond! His tinkering has made a winning franchise into a laughing stock, as well as took great teams and made them losers! The Bombers had a long line of great coaches, like Cal Murphy, Ray Jauch and Dave Ritchie to name a few, now they have guys like this goof now! If you are going to start a public lynching, Bauer needs to be the first in line at the hanging tree!