Thankyou from CFL Fans Fight Cancer

Thank you to everyone who came by and got a sandwich, pop, button, bubba or scarf!

It was a great day with over $1000 raised for Wellwood but we are not done yet.
There are more events to come!
BTW: With the 4th win in a row, I'm not cutting my hair for 12 months and at next years Labour Day tailgate we're raffling off who gets to chop my mop! Again all proceeds go to Wellwood! :rockin:

Didn't get a scarf, no worries you can get them online,in the Ticat store and at the games.
The Cats have stepped up big time. THANK YOU TIGER-CATS!!! :rockin:

Grab you scarf at the next game and wave it with pride!

Will do Jare, super! :thup: