Thankyou Foley!

If you have not read Ricky Foley's twitter:

do so in case it all gets removed

Just love the man's passion for his game and giving a big F-U to the Leafs!
they EASILY could have waited a day to announce the new coach, but decided to squash the Argo's moment.

He will likely get fined, and it will all be removed, but kudos to the man, as he is bang on in everything he says there!

My guess it's directed at Rogers of course but he can't say that. :wink: Not sure he should be that vocal about this or agree with all of that but respect him for speaking his mind. Sometimes it's best to take the high road but again, he is a player who plays with a lot of passion and emotion. It's Ricky.

scared me for a sec. thought it was about new coach for argos.

just became a ricky foley fan

Babcock set the deadline for today. There was no conspiracy , put the tin foil hats away..Argos received tons of positive press on moving to BMO. Focus on that and be happy the Argos's have a home !

Great to see an Argo with so much heart telling it like it is.

The winningest team in the city that has the smallest payroll and smallest fan support.


Once the argos take over BMO Field, there will not be these concerns over Toronto attendance ever again.

Look at the Roughriders' attendance from 2005 compared to 2007; things turn-around quickly when fans have confidence in the organization.

Yes, with the money and powerbase and clout of Bell and Larry Tanenbaum, no reason at all for concern from that aspect, that’s for sure. LT looked very comfortable today I must say.

Didn’t know today was a deadline for Babcock.

Fixed it for you. Game 2 of the division final this Saturday at the ACC. Who said there wouldn't be a playoff game at the ACC in May. :wink:

Seriously, good on Foley. Not a fan of him or his selfish attitude, but have to give him credit for showing his passion for the league.

While Foley may come across as selfish because he is pretty outspoken with minimal filter, he actually isn't moreso than the average player. Was not a huge fan until I actually had a conversation or 2 with him, which obviously not everyone has I totally understand as I would probably still feel the same as you otherwise.

I do like what he tweeted and how he did it. He loves the league and you can't fault him for defending that.

As a die hard alouettes fan i agree with foley 100%. Real d**k move by the Leafs. This is big for the Argos! Road trip to BMO!

Really, anyone thinks the Leafs would delay the announcement of their new head coach signing because it coincidentally happens on the same day as the deal for the Argo's is announced? The actual press-conference is tomorrow to introduce Babcock.

Well, considering there is shared interest from some ownership between the franchises now, yes, you would think that they could manage something so that each franchise could/would steal the spotlight for a day. Wouldn't they ideally want that? It is not a massive deal, but there has to be some people that looked and went " people within our own umbrella?"

Agreed. Move Babcocks announcement or move the Argo announcement. Anyone who believes they couldn't have move one of them by a day is misguided.


or as spoken outside of the sports world, “the most successful”

then again… if you ask the other Toronto sports teams, success just might have nothing to do with winning.

The Rock are the only Toronto team that still measures success in wins and championships. They've won 3 times as many titles since 1999 than all the other Toronto teams combined. You need to go back to 1991 before the Jays, Argos, TFC and Leafs :lol: combined have more titles.


Who are The Rock? Soccer? Cause no one cares lol.
As for Foley, I support what he tweeted. Love the passion.