Thankyou acamp.

As most of you know, acamp is one of the moderators on this board. I tried for days to log on and register myself using
the criteria that was sent to all of us. I failed time after time, because, as it turned out my e mail address changed 5
years ago when I moved. Luckily, it was acamp who made this discovery, and through him, I was was even allowed to
have back my old user name of Rocky123. Thats right, Spikejones is gone.

At any rate, acamp bent over backwards to accommodate me with several phone calls, e mails and suggestions until
finally, thanks in a big way to him, I was back in business.

We frequently criticize the mods, but I have it on very good account that acamp is terrific!

I've ALWAYS received first class service from everyone I've dealt with so that's no surprize.

Yes, may he rest in peace. :lol: