It's a good day to put all things in perspective.
Today is a new day; it is a gift - time to invest, or time to waste.
I'm thankful for the gift of my patient, enduring wife who gives and gives and gives. I do not deserve her. I'm thankful for my children, and for how unique they are. They bring me great joy. I love my family, and I'm thankful to God for allowing me another day of life to share with them.
I'm thanksful for the gift of being born in this incredibly blessed country, and for the freedoms we share. As imperfect our systems and public servants can be at times, I'm thanksful for them, and for the sacrifices many of them make on our behalf.
Football is a game. For some it's a vocation; for us fans, it's a luxory to enjoy. Thanks David, Wally, management, coaching staff, and especially the players for being willing to play your heart out for so much less money than you could otherwise be earning. Thanks Geroy, and others like you - for sticking around, and for not using the team as a stepping stone to the NFL.
I don't say that to reflect badly on those who've moved on; I'm just thankful for those who chose to stay and pitch their tent among us. You deserve special recognition.

Praise the Lord. Its a better world we're going to.

a sunday in fall
with no cfl ball
is nothing to be thankfull for.

PS just checked out the nfl redzone thing. what a football fix in lieu of . . . I noticed Stefan Logan is returning kicks for the Detroit Lions! check that return out. . .

Beautiful words Pastasteve. Thanks for sharing from the heart. May we always have the ability to discern between our needs and our wants and may our children act accordingly. A grateful person is a contented person. There are some things in life that are simply priceless. May everyday be a day of thanksgiving.

You’re a good man!.. By the way does your wife have a sister? :wink: