Thanksgiving on Labour Day

I know I've got my holidays mixed up, but on this Labour Day Monday, I would like to offer up special thanks to Argos coach Bart Andrus. (As a newcomer to our country, we could probably fool him into thinking that Canadians celebrate Thanksgiving today anyway.)

First of all, Mr. Andrus, thank you for sending us your best player in exchange for odds & ends.

Thank you for deciding to start an untested rookie at cornerback (Dovonte Edwards), while leaving the always dangerous Byron Parker on the bench as he "learns your defence".

Thank you for even considering the novel idea of using up not one, but two import spots for kickers. Just because no one has ever done it in the history of our league does not mean it isn't a brilliant idea, Mr. Andrus.

And finally, thank you for making sure to re-insert Adrianno Belli into the line-up. I'm sure the 15 yards will come in handy for us, possibly extending drives on multiple occasions.

Here's hoping your team gets stuffed and roasted.

HA HAHA nice! Its 4AM and I'm still up, its worse then then being 9 waiting for Christmas to come HAHA