Thanksgiving in the US and Football

As a public service announcement, this Thursday, November 24, 2005, is Thanksgiving in the US, and like Canada we have two traditional NFL games on that day. The first game is from Detroit and features the Detroit Lions playing at home against the Atlanta Falcons with Michael Vick. This game starts at 12 Noon or 12:30 PM, so any unemployed people or anybody playing hookey from their jobs could have the opportunity to watch. The later game, which is from Dallas and begins at either 3:30 PM or 4:00 PM, has the Dallas Cowboys hosting the Denver Broncos. This game is between tow division leaders and should be a good one.
So while we're stuffing our faces with turkey on thursday, you can enjoy two good NFL games, a few days before the Alouettes and Eskimos go at it in the Grey Cup. Just so you know, I'm rooting for Montreal in the Grey Cup, just so somebody new is a winner instead of the Evil Empire once again.

Happy TGiving USA to you and your fellow Americans. Unfortunately and not meant as a dis, I have no interest in your NFL. For most Canadians 3 down football rules. Thanks for your support.

Um...actually no.

From what I've heard, many if not most Canadians believe that NFL is the 'true' football, and CFL is just what it is - a Canadian league with different rules.

I tend to disagree with most and believe that the CFL game is the true gridiron game (minus the rouge, which is just kinda weird)

Your certainly are entitled to your opinion, however wrong that it is. No, the vast majority of Canadians watch and prefer the CFL. Period.

Not where I'm coming from, argotom.....most people I talk to here have the NFL as their first choice.....CFL is their distant second.....I don't like it, but that's their choice.

The TV numbers do not lie and the CFL has smoked the competition with the NFL not even on the radar screen for this year. Most people know for a fact how the NFL is the No Fun(and crime) League.

mIGHT WATCH THE GAMES, might not. NFL is boring.