Thanksgiving in the hammer

....It's time for this team to pull a solid horse in the big's time to lay on the whip
.....Glenn 'could' be the starter....Porter didn't look great against the stumps and i think he'll move over for Kevin
...Now lets look at that .....we know Glenns game better than he knows us..He can't 1... no 2 ..stack the line like cal. did...and get the front d guys to put their hands in his face... he can't see over the big guys up front...especially Dougie lol....he'll be dead in the water...
...IF this comes down to special teams....we are better....I'm taking Serna over Setta in the kicking dept. and our d overall is superior....
...On offence we'll have Edwards back....Bowman and Guice or Amey should have a little more running room...
,,,Fred is pumped and so is Bernard....all in alll
...This will still be a close game....Cats are slipping.....time to put them to bed... :thup: :rockin: :rockin:

It's exciting to have a game of this magnitude for both teams with still a number of games to go. I'm interested to see what Mark Nelson comes up with to deal with Arland...

Anyone here making the trip to Hamilton?

...luv to....but the timing is bad for son lives in Ottawa....i'm going to take him up on his offer for a visit next year...hope to make it to an Als. and Hamilton game...I'll have to settle for the televised version till then.. :slight_smile:

I think Porter will still start for the Tabbies. He had a lot of pressure on him from the Stamps defense (3 sacks, lots of rushes) but his numbers weren't that bad.

...yeah....they'll keep us guessing till game time....I hear that Glenn ain't too happy playing second fiddle anymore....according to Stegall....There could be trouble in the hammer if its true....I don't buy into that stuff anyway.... To win,we have to out-play, out-coach the cats , one quarter at a time....My suggestions in my original post are pretty basic....Kelly..i'm sure will have more detailed plans for these guys.....depending on who they're going to play at qb. We have to prepare for both in any event ...Defeating Gibsons one-trick pony offence and Marshals...'play ten yds off the receiver' type of defence, now that we have a qb. who can chuck the ball.. shouldn't be too tough....We'll see'''' :wink:..I also hear the Cats are practicing in a bunch of new'll make it tougher on our spies...but i believe we have there itinerary... :lol:

I disagree with this statement, Hamilton has allowed 36 less points than Winnipeg has this season.

No Doubt the peg has a great Defence, but i don't think its fair to say that the bombers defence is far superior to the cats.

…judging by the last few games we’ve played and the ones you’ve played…I’d say we’ve caught and surpassed ya… :wink:

Don't forget that because of the weak play of the offence up until two games ago the WBB D was on the field quite a bit. There was at least one game where they played 40 minutes, and multiple games in the high 30's. I may be a little biased here, but I think the Bombers D is superior.

Have "ya" ?

When you look at each teams 5 last games.

Winnpeg has allowed, 29, 55, 33, 24, 17

Hamilton has allowed, 15, 25, 17, 42, 15

Hamilton's totals are looking a lot lower.

I actually thought the defenses were pretty close for both these teams so I checked the average points against in their wins only.

And, both teams have given up an average of 18.6 points per game in their wins.

How's that for close.

three less points per game when your defense doesn't play nearly as much or force as many turnovers does not make your defense better, sorry.

Should be good game no matter who wins...

I'm just happy my Cats are playing an important game in October for once (and Toronto is not)

Not expecting any miracles from my Cats this year, just happy to see them competitive.

I agree the Bombers D stats are schewed by their lack of offense. You guys have a great D.

Thanksgiving at Ivor Wynne... of playoff importance... can't wait...

Looking forward to seeing many friendly Winnipeg fans making the trip. :slight_smile:

That's right, pack the house and enjoy some meaningful football in October as things are just starting to get heated up. :rockin:

Excuse me? Our D is on the field just as much as yours is and if they weren't do you honestly think we'd be scoring so damn low?Use common sense.

:thup: [b]Thats what i was getting at, i wasn't saying either defence was better than the other[/b], i just said i didn't think it was fair to say that Winnipeg has a "far superior" defence when Hamilton has allowed less points.

the Bombers average time on offense has been around 25 minutes, Hamilton is around 28:30.