Thanksgiving games

That’s the reality of having the leagues having a season close together.

Doesn’t have to be every Sunday.

Only for the playoffs and Grey Cups Sundays should be used for.

One game on Sunday late evening in the summer at 8 pm est and one game Sunday at 4:40 pm EST in the fall isn’t going to hurt anyone and only enhances the CFL to make the weekend truly a CFL entertainment fluid right thru to the playoffs and Grey Cup .

It really makes zero sense not to have a fluid Sunday schedule it’s actually a weird set up when you spend some time rationalizing it on a economic , social or even a transitional traditional weather related event where vast numbers travel and watch a game mainly outdoors .

It’s the opposite of rational business doctrine to remove your product on a day of the week which garners more views .

Do you guys eat turkey on Canadian Thanksgiving?

Is it the same concept of appeasing the North American Indians with a joint meal with Canadian pilgrims? No knowledge of Canadian history. I just assumed when people got off the Mayflower, some people turned right (upward/north) instead of straight ahead to establish the nation of Canada.

We still eat turkey with the traditional fixings.

My understanding it’s origins is to the celebrate the end of the harvest so to give thanks for the good season. Hence why it’s celebrated in October here.

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After my football predictions I usually eat crow! :turkey:


Turkey is the traditionnel meal but I instead eat KFC while watching the Alouettes game.

Got nothing to do with being afraid I mean, why would anyone watch something that you can never be part of, never have watched nfl. This is Canada, home of the best football. On the planet . Watching Sunday double headers was a great way to spend Sunday afternoon. And if I remember correctly. There were a lot more fans in the stands when they did that. Keep the nfl for Monday and Thursday, there’s lots of places to watch it. But cfl should be front and centre in Canada, like it was with the cbc.

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are you saying that you do not watch any international competition in any sport when Canada is not represented.? You dont watch any other NA major league sport, except maybe NHL?

There is a lot of sport I watch that I can never be part of. Just guessing at what you mean by that.

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You made me laugh, a friend once brought over KFC during a football game, I may have thrown KFC at the TV…he never brought over KFC again. Now I am craving KFC


I am a die hard CFL fan through and through. I only turned on NFL once the CFL season was over, and it was played in the background while cleaning, and the Rose Bowl, I don’t know why, but I always watched the Rose Bowl.

I live in the US now, so I watch a little more NFL, but it is so slowwww. Now when Edmonton starting getting penalties back to back to back, and the game becomes sooo slow, I fast forward.

But I am converting Americans one at a time to CFL, honestly, I am getting them hooked b/c it is a faster game (less time between plays), plays in the end zone are amazing, my husband’s mind is still blown about with all the players in motion.

I have had wives complain to me, b/c now football season starts in June. Just wait until I talk ESPN into airing pre-season games


If they played 2 cfl games on the same day as NFL, cfl viewing numbers would most likely go down. I know there are some NFL games I would rather watch than some CFL games, depending on the teams.

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One game is sufficient especially in the fall when the temperature drops from a 2 pm start from a 7 pm start anywhere from 5 to 15 or more degrees C .

In the summer I would play night games on Sunday right up to mid September then make the switch to that game being played on the optimum time for whatever market would like a Sunday afternoon game for their fan appreciation day .

I miss my CFL Sundays and I watch the NFL as well but I love traditional football on a fall afternoon .

I should be able to go to at least one fall Sunday afternoon game in Ottawa .

I bet two Sunday games going against the NFL would get better viewership numbers than the Tuesday/Wednesday night games get without having to contend with the NFL. And I bet they’d get better attendance to boot.

Having said that, I understand why TSN wants to air the CFL on non-NFL days.

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I think each team should ask their fans in a media survey on their website etc. what days they would like to see football played and then try to accommodate them. You can’t please everyone but at least try to please the majority.

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some of us are more important than others, doncha know :slight_smile:

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Definitely a good idea .

Even spreading the games out to include a variety would assist those who prefer a daylight game on a fall Saturday and Sunday to attend .

I would like to see whether your in Ottawa , Toronto , Edmonton or wherever we all get our fair share of Thursday nights in the summer and Friday nights in the fall when they are less appealing to attend live .

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Variety is the spice of life :wink:

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Do you guys up north make a big whoop-de-do out of having Santa make an appearance for your Thanksgiving Monday like we do in the States? Do you have something like a Macy's Day parade equivalent in Canada on Monday?

Do you guy pelt Santa Claus with snowballs like they do at Philadelphia Eagle games?

Our Santa clause parade is the 3rd weekend in November, well at least the Eaton' Toronto Santa Clause Parade is, and no we don't throw snowballs at Santa, we like Santa.

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I am not afraid of NFL, just I prefer the much better CFL. I did follow Flutie post CFL, have rooted for Brady in Superbowls. Brady said on his Birthday that Flutie was one of the best ever. Am Canadian why would I not support, it’s fantastic with long rich history. Only difference is perception. CFL every bit as good I say better than NFL. Unfortunate many Canadians have inferiority complex

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