Thanksgiving games

Super bummed that Thanksgiving football is a thing of the past.

I get that most people do turkey on thanksgiving, but I loved making multiple pots of chili, inviting people over, and eating and watching football on Thanksgivin
g Monday.


Thanksgiving and football is a beautiful thing indeed.

I guess you need multiple screens now to watch the game and zoom call at the same time.

Are the 2 CFL games on Monday cancelled ?? ??

They’re still shown on the schedule.

where did you get the idea that it was a thing of the past?

I took it to mean that family gatherings are looked down upon in some regions

Not sure I understand the OP’s comment . Two games to watch and eat whatever on Monday .

Bird over Chili is the problem ?

My apologies somehow I activated an old message.

it's good to know that someone listened to my old message, and reinstated thanksgiving football.


Old message? It was posted 09/30/2021.

Back on topic…

I’m glad to see Thanksgiving football back. It was a bad decision not to have a game in 2019.

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Sounds like he had it saved in Drafts since 2019 then accidentally posted the two year old draft somehow. :rofl: That’s a first for me.

(Back on topic)

Thanksgiving football never had a chance in my family. I grew up in a family that viewed Thanksgiving as family time, not TV. Once PVRs came about I was able to record them and watch them later on my own time, but the season didn’t have the same significance to me.

Could be the case here.

Canadian Thanksgiving without the CFL? Blasphemy!

Especially after no Canada Day games this year.

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Thanksgiving football is a staple in the US but can’t get any traction in Canada.

Labour Day Classic and Thanksgiving Football must be preserved at all costs.


Are you guys off for American Thanksgiving too up in Canada?

Wasn't sure if there's a lot of interdependent business action where Canada government just says "The heck with it. Just take American Thanksgiving off too."

No. But I have a couple of friends who celebrate it. They each have an American parent.

And more Sunday games, i miss the Sunday double headers.


Too bad some fans are afraid of the NFL.


US Thanksgiving is huge with most having four days off. Enjoyed it during my time down south. It’s part of your Puritan history too isn’t it?Christmas/Boxing Day is more our thing up here. Thanksgiving is a day off and a good dinner. That’s about it. Black Friday has become pretty big up here now for shopping. Don’t remember it always being that way though.

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its not about being afraid of the NFL, it is about wanting to watch both