Thanksgiving games

I do see there will be one Thanksgiving game, but what happen to the Thanksgiving games?

My Thanksgiving tradition has always been to make multiple chilis invite people over and watch football... but that has been taken away from me and others lately, just wondering if anyone knew the reason behind the change?

I wonder about that too. It was an annual event the league put some effort into building as a tradition a decade or so ago.

Perhaps dropping the Thanksgiving games a few years back was related to scheduling fewer short weeks...maybe a concession to the PA in collective bargaining?

I thought it had to do with scheduling as well and working in the 3rd bye week. More teams playing on Monday compresses time between weekend games.

Hopefully should Halifax happen and having an even number of teams, this can be removed. Definitely a western team should be a permanent host to pair up with the Montreal 1pm EST start

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My best guess is that they want to keep the week after Thanksgiving from having games on Sunday, because of the recent shift away from Sunday games in the fall, and they want to push their Thursday and Friday games, which don't go well if the last game was Monday.

Another possible option is that they are scared of going against Monday Night (NFL) Football, no matter the circumstances.

Thursday games end effective Labour Day weekend. Can't see it having anything to do with the NFL.

The late game would start 4:30pm EST latest and would be done by the time Monday Night Football starts. On the TSN perspective, I'm sure they would love a triple header between the 2 leagues.

It was 2019.

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