Thanksgiving Day Updated Turkeybend Rankings


Wow! My favourite day of the year and the Riders re-gained 1st place in the West. Let's talk TURKEY NOW:

  1. Montreal Alouettes- completely demoralized the Stamps. Great focus by the Als who are miles ahead in their division. Coach Trestman is a winner, motivator and great coach. One hit and Athony C. goes down though and the rankings and league turns upside down.

  2. Saskatchewan Roughriders- 1st in the west. Got a win when they needed one. Concerns about injuries mounting with Boreham and Dressler out. Still, the balance on offence and the large stable of Canadian receivers and running backs bodes will for the well coached Riders.

  3. Calgary Stamps- ????? is the operative word. Took a shellacking in la belle province and the Dr. Jeykl and Mr. Hyde show continues. Should the Riders get off to a good start in Calgary and Henry start nervously the Stamps may just implode. They should win at home but????????????

  4. B.C. Lions- Wally's kids are back with the miracle reception by Geroy. Still, the inconsistency is apparent on offence but the confidence is back. Who will Wally go with as his kicker? Old Paul or young Sean. How long will Buck last??? These are key questions to the success of the Leos. And, of course, will we ever see Casey , Finnegan and Mr. Dressup play for the Orange and Black again--- maybe on Hallowe'en.

  5. Winterpeg Blue Bombers- move over there is a new kid in town. Blew the doors open in steeltown and proved they are a team that is back and should not be taken lightly. How long will this miracle last? Bomber fans really just want to sneak into the ayoffs then who knows!!!! Mr. Kelly has earned back his Mr.

  6. Edmonton Eskimos- Had the Eskimos won as they should have on Friday they would be back in the mix. So close yet so far. I predict they will rebound but must turn things around this week. They are better than both Hailton and Toronto

  7. Hamilton Tiger Cats- Falling faster than Hailey's comet. Yikes the air is leaking faster than a popped balloon. Were the Tiger Cats really that good earlier in the season? One has to wonder whether they played over their heads. Best of luck Hamilton you will need it.

  8. Toronto Argonauts- Maybe the fans in Toronto should turn to bball and follow the Raptrs as they are the only good team in town. Adam Rita has to go but trading Kerry Joseph now to a contender with injured quarterbacks could help build for the future

  9. Ottawa- just might beat the Argos if they had a week of practise!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yahoo, we have heard from the undissputed turkeybend of the world. Who could beat Montreal (or should I say the East Rep if the big Cup game was held today?) The B.C. Lions................oh Yea. I can't believe I just said that. I'm an Eskimo lover. Ya gotta love the TURKEY.

WOW! A Turkeybend power ranking that made sense!

great analysis Turkey, but I’d like to add…

  1. Atlantic- just might beat the Argos if they had a stadium to do it in !!! :lol:

Hopefully Hamilton will get it together and just make the playoffs, it be a shame if they didn’t finish out the decade w/o a small shot at the Grey Cup, which BTW everyone, this would be the first time since the team was founded in the 1950’s that they have gone though a decade without a single Grey Cup championship, like how the Habs blew it this year as well.